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How Much Traffic Do I Need To My Website?

I've purposely left the title of this article open. I haven't defined what type of website or what type of business I am asking this question about. How do you determine how much traffic you need to your website? Can you even do it? Why would you even want to figure...

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How to drive traffic to your Amazon product

How to drive traffic to your Amazon product

We're one of the only Amazon FBA blogs that talks passionately about how to drive traffic to your Amazon product listings in the most cost effective manner - along with the occasional amazon selling hacks. In this article we're going to give you the A to Z of your...

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3 Myths About Google SEO For Amazon Sellers

In this podcast I'll be talking about 3 of the biggest myths about the Google Search Engine specifically in Amazon Sellers So let’s see if you’ve been sucked in by any of these… 1. Google Traffic isn’t purchase intent traffic and therefore isn’t worth it...

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Traffic Vs Audiences For Amazon Sellers

In this episode of the External Traffic For Amazon Sellers Podcast I’m going to define and compare traffic and audiences and why understanding the difference is vital for Amazon Sellers above all other eCommerce entrepreneurs. In these early episodes of the podcast...

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