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Is Amazon FBA dead?

So if you've read anything written by me or listened to any of my podcast appearances where I've talked about growing my Amazon FBA Business to 7 figures, you'll know I've managed to make Amazon FBA work for me. When I got into Amazon FBA in early 2016, I was told and...

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Shopify vs Amazon FBA

In this post I'm going to get deep into comparing Amazon FBA with Shopify from a bunch of different perspectives. I'm going to cover the critical aspects of the Amazon FBA and Shopify business model both as individual businesses and also for YOU as a business using...

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Can I use a WordPress theme more than once? Answered

If you’ve bought a theme for your WordPress website and now want to use it on another WordPress site - you’ll be wondering what happens if you use the theme again. Of course we’re talking about self hosted WordPress here - not themes purchased on WordPress.com for use...

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Shopify multiple stores one domain – How and Why

Using a single domain for multiple Shopify stores (Shopify accounts) is absolutely possible - and is a good idea from an SEO Standpoint. What I mean by that is, if you're wanting to get free traffic from Google to your stores, having Shopify stores setup on a single...

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How to customize Shopify Checkout

If you're trying to improve conversion rate or average order value on your Shopify store, a great place to focus your effort is the Checkout page - and in fact, the entire checkout process. If you've been working with Shopify for more than 2 minutes, you'll already...

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