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Hide Recaptcha Badge in a Google compliant way

If you've done the smart thing and added Google reCaptcha V3 to your contact forms, customer account creation and customer login pages on your WordPress or WooCommerce website, you're pointing in the right direction. You may also now be wondering why the hell the...

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WooCommerce WordPress Emails Going To Spam? SOLVED

There are a number of reasons why WordPress emails are going into spam folders. Depending on your setup, we’ll troubleshoot and provide solutions to prevent your WordPress and WooCommerce notification emails going to the spam folder! Issues Sending WooCommerce Emails...

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How Does WooCommerce Make Money? Isn’t it free?

If you're evaluating which eCommerce software or platform to use for your eCommerce business, whether just starting out or looking at changing platforms, no doubt WooCommerce is going to come up in your research. Immediately the contrast between WooCommerce and...

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One-Click WooCommerce is here – Everything you need, PRE-Installed. Just upload your products… and you thought Shopify was easy!

Siteground 1 click install WooCommerce Hosting

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