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Grow Your Business on Social Media With Expert UK Social Media Management

We’re Future State Media, based in Northamptonshire. As an experienced, highly-rated Social Media Agency, we understand the best approach for growing your business through social media platforms, including Instagram, TikiTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter (X), Threads and LinkedIn.

Our small UK agency team works directly with you to identify the best approach to marketing your business, products, and business on social media. Social Media Marketing is now a must-do activity for businesses of all sizes. Maintaining a presence and building your customer base can easily be a full-time endeavour.

Let’s Get Started With a FREE Social Media Audit

Don’t really know what you need for your business?

That’s fine because we’re here to help you identify what you need with a FREE social media account audit. Start by telling us about the accounts you use, and your current and future goals for using social media, and we’ll recommend a social media package and social media marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Game Changing Social Media Statistics

95 Minutes

Adults use social media across all platforms more than ever — 95 minutes per day.

6 X More

Trust matters! Consumers are six times more likely to buy from a product page that includes pictures from social media.


80% of weekly Pinterest users have discovered a new brand or product while perusing the network’s feed.


According to Instagram, 90% of its users follow a brand and 87% take action when they see a product.


93% of all businesses with a Facebook page are actively using the platform – says Buffer Report.


⅔ of Facebook users surveyed say that they visit the page of a local business at least once a week.

Included in Our Social Media Packages

All of Our Social Media Management Service Packages Feature…

Engaging Posts Written & Designed

Our highly trained social team write captivating posts and design images perfect for each channel – promoting your business, its identity, and the products you’re creating.

Tailored Strategy

We develop a unique strategy for your brand posting at the perfect times when your “true fans” and followers are active and most likely to engage with your social media posts.

Account Manager

With a dedicated account manager, you’re able to discuss your posts, strategy, and engagement tactics – and they’re there to answer any questions you might have.

Ad Spend

To increase reach across platforms, ad spending is included in all of our social media management packages.

Included in Our Enhanced Social Media Packages

Our Enhanced Social Media Management Service Packages Feature…

Interactions & Responding

We can interact with your social media followers, answering questions and forwarding customer enquiries in whichever way you’d prefer.

Enquiry Management

Our team forwards enquiries made to your social media accounts to your email address(es), providing relevant details and enquiry information.

Social Media Post Approval

Depending on how “hands-off” you want to be, you have the option to approve your posts before publication. We can work more closely at the beginning and eventually fly solo with complete confidence.

We use advanced social media scheduling software to plan your content ahead for each platform we manage. We gather data and perform our own testing and research to establish the best time of day to post based on when your followers are most engaged.

Ingredients & Quantities Are Critical


Curated Content


Fresh Content


Promotional Content

It’s in the name. It’s SOCIAL media, and most businesses can, at one time or another, make the vital mistake of being overly promotional. Engagement tanks, and social KPIs disintegrate, and it all feels like pedalling uphill. Getting the right mix of information, entertainment, and promotion is the easier-said-than-done trick!

Social Media Packages

Social Media Management Service Pricing

Straightforward Packages, No Contracts

Years of experience managing social media channels for a range of businesses has allowed us to refine our services to these tiered marketing packages for brands. These three social media service packages below cover the needs of most of our small and medium-sized customers, to build their brands and promote their services.

Need a custom package? Get in touch.

Platforms we manage: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter (X), Pinterest, Google Business Profiles, Threads

Influencer Outreach & Management

Want a little more from your Social Media Management Agency?

Reach Your Brand’s Potential With Influencer Collaboration

We have years of experience working with hundreds (if not thousands) of Influencers for a range of REAL brands.

We’ve generated multiple 6 figures (if not millions of Dollars) in brand assets and media assets that have gone on to be used in high performing organic and paid advertising campaigns – across every channel.

When it comes to collaboration management – we do things properly. We’re not just “plugging” a database of eager-for-free-stuff nobody’s – we conduct real outreach and mine for the BEST opportunities for maximum brand-asset based value.

In a world where every channel is “content hungry” we keep your brand fresh and impactful with a continuous flow of authentic media assets – with people and product in perfect harmony.

Interested? Get in touch.

Platforms we collaborate on: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter (X), Pinterest, Threads

Social Media Service Packages Explained

Post-Copywriting & Graphic Design

We write and design every post in all our social media packages. Your social pages will stand out with our eye-catching and well-structured content.

Our specialists have huge experience in creating unique content that will increase engagement and build brand awareness of your business across all platforms.

We will develop a content schedule that will also include specific messages you may want to pass to your audience – whether it’s a company update, a new product launch, or a limited offer.

Customised Social Media Strategy

Each of our packages is customised according to your business needs. At the initial stage, we establish the goals you aim to achieve and which products to promote.

Based on thorough research, we create an optimal schedule strategy so all the posts will go live at the best time of the day to have maximum reach and engagement.

Personal Account Manager

Once we start working together, you will have a dedicated account manager who you can get in touch with regarding all questions.

Our team will be happy to help whenever you’d like to discuss the monthly report, upcoming posts, further strategies, or have any other questions.

Interactions With Audience

Posting on social media is just a part of your communication with the audience. We know you’re busy running your business and have no time for long conversations. We will take over this task, so all you need is to choose which questions you want to answer yourself, and which ones you want to hand over to us.

Social Media Enquiries

You don’t have time to process potential customers’ enquiries on social pages? We can take care of incoming messages, whether it’s public comments or private messages.

At this step, we collect customer information needed for your sales department and send it for further processing to the right person in your team.

Social Media Management Services UK

Trusted Social Media Agency in the UK

Our social media agency is an expert in developing original social media content for small to medium-sized businesses.

Affordable Packages

UK business owners can spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds per month on social media management. Cheaper social media packages may contain generic posts or information that has already been shared on other social media networks. Our affordable social media packages come with a customised solution, with original graphics and text content that encourages engagement and business enquiries.

The Best Social Media Strategy

We provide a customised and effective social media strategy for your company by using our analytics tools, reviewing trending topics, and applying posting best practices. In collaboration with you, our small team in the UK creates content that is pertinent to your company’s services or goods and includes insightful business and industry knowledge.

Ready To Do Something Great With Your Business?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Social Media Management Services?

Social media management services help businesses to hand off everyday routines related to posting and engaging with the audience. As experts in social media marketing, agencies use proven techniques to perform profile management, improve growth metrics, and save you time for running your business.

How Much Do Social Media Management Packages Usually Cost?

UK marketing agencies offer a wide range of social media management packages. The price may vary from £100 to thousands of pounds depending on the number of services included. We are a niche agency focused on digital marketing for eCommerce businesses. Our service fee starts from £200 for the starter package.

Which Social Platforms Do You Focus On?

We cover the most popular and effective for your business platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google My Business. Each platform has its own algorithms that constantly change, so we customise strategies and implement the best practices available in the market.

Can I Continue Posting on My Social Media Accounts?

Absolutely! You are free to publish your own updates. It is always a good idea to double-check the posting schedule with us because too many posts made close together can reduce organic reach.

Information About Us & Our Services

Social Media Management Packages for Ecommerce

Here at Future State Media, we have strong expertise in social media tools that will serve your eCommerce business. We offer affordable monthly packages to make your social media presence and brand awareness higher among well-established big players in the market.

We’re the “back office team” you need to build a business that serves you – not the other way around.

Our Process

Working on your project will start with a detailed analysis of the current state of your social media presence. After that, we will develop a customised strategy based on your needs and goals. Although our packages include a predefined number of services, we always create individual scenarios for all our clients.