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WooCommerce Multiple Checkout Pages 1 Checkout Page Per Product

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You may have wondered is it possible to have more than one checkout page for different products and product categories on a WordPress website using WooCommerce?

The answer is yes – it’s completely possible and in many cases makes a lot of sense to do so.

Your next question might be “Can you create multiple checkout pages in WooCommerce without customizing the code?

The great news is – YES!

You don’t need to touch the WordPress or WooCommerce code to be able offer a different checkout page for each product with WooCommerce.

This is contrary to almost all the reading you’ll do out there on this topic. The top Google Search Result for the query “woocommerce multiple checkout pages” is a support thread on the WooCommerce plugin referring to custom coding being required – with no offer of an actual answer. See it here.

Worse still the Quora answer to this query bangs on about more custom code and filter required – see it here.

Why every time someone wants to do something with WooCommerce is the instant suggestion “Customizing the WooCommerce code”?!

Trust me.

Follow along – and know that custom code is NOT always the answer. In this case, you can easily create a unique WooCommerce checkout page for each product with the help of a very powerful plugin. More on that shortly.

Creating a WooCommerce Checkout Page For Each Product – and more!

This article contains affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission if you purchase plugins and services we mention at no extra cost to you. We only recommend the best plugins and services – which we have used and can recommend.

Why might you want to create multiple checkout pages?

You may want to offer specific deals, upsells cross sells or simply style the checkout page around a single product to enhance your conversion rate at checkout.

You might also just want to replace the default WooCommerce checkout page which is beyond boring and can be a conversion killer.

Is this the same as WooCommerce Multistep Checkout?

WooCommerce Multi-step checkout tends to refer to the splitting up of the Checkout page into multiple pages. This isn’t quite the same as having an individual checkout page per product in your WooCommerce store.

If you’re looking for a selection of the best WooCommerce Multistep Checkout Plugins you should take a look at this post reviewing the top Multistep Checkout Plugins for WooCommerce.

However, if by multi-step checkout you’re referring to the ability to upsell and cross sell during the checkout process, you may have an alignment between having multiple checkout pages on WooCommerce and having the ability to upsell, cross sell, order bump and provide unique offers at checkout.

Our plugin recommendation for creating multiple checkout pages in WooCommerce does BOTH.

Amazing I know.

Recommended Plugins for 1 Checkout Page Per Product in WooCommerce

We have 2 particular plugins that we recommend when it comes to creating 1 Checkout Page Per Product in WooCommerce.

Both Plugins are feature rich – BUT each of the plugins is more suited to a particular type of WooCommerce store setup.

The TLDR version;

WooFunnels – our overall recommendation for a conventional WooCommerce store with multiple products to be sold together when a user browses your store

CartFlows – basically a replacement for ClickFunnels – focused on getting you into a single funnel.

So how do I create multiple checkout pages in WooCommerce?

You can easily create one checkout page per product in WooCommerce using Cartflows or WooFunnels.

Using WooFunnels to create 1 checkout page per product

WooFunnels is our favourite WooCommerce plugin for customising the WooCommerce Checkout process. It’s the most complete WooCommerce Checkout Page, Thank You Page, Cart Page and Upsell Plugin available for WooCommerce stores.

Using Aerocheckout by WooFunnels you can setup individual checkout pages for each product in your WooCommerce Catalogue with ease.

But what makes WooFunnels REALLY special is that you can also have a “Global Checkout” that replaces the default WooComerce Checkout and provide users with offers at Checkout BASED ON what they already have in their shopping cart.

CartFlows doesn’t have this conditional logic capability – it’s a HUGE gap in their software as far as we’re concerned (we still love CartFlows – but this is a serious flaw).

So you may have started out wanting “1 Checkout Page Per Product in WooCommerce” BUT if you’re looking to customize the offers and upsells presented to your customers at checkout based on what they have in their cart – using a “Global Checkout” with WooFunnels is your best bet.

Read more about what WooFunnels can do for you in our overview of the best WooCommerce One Click Upsell Plugins.

Or check out WooFunnels right now – and get started boosting your eCommerce Revenue!

WooFunnels Aerocheckout

Using CartFlows to create 1 checkout page per product

Cartflows is essentially a funnel building plugin that allows you to build a funnel for each product – meaning if someone chooses to buy a product and go to the checkout, they can skip the cart and jump straight to entering their billing information. This is essentially one-page checkout for WooCommerce.

Does this mean the site needs to be setup into funnels?

Using WooFunnels for 1 Checkout Page Per Product

Absolutely not – it operates like a normal eCommerce website using WooCommerce.

You’re offering the ability for the customer to “buy now” and be taken to a checkout page designed specifically for that product.

This means you can design offers – trying to sell them more products, during the checkout process that are specified by YOU.

You can select products that sell well together and make offers that bundle products together.

You can offer them an increase in order quantity on the specific product they have in their cart.

You can offer customers deals even AFTER they’ve checked out – essentially offering them one-click upsells

But with WooFunnels you can also have a GLOBAL Checkout in which you can customise the checkout process (upsells and cross sells) based on what’s in the shopping basket or cart.

Using CartFlows for 1 Checkout Page Per Product

YES – essentially your site is now setup as a discrete set of funnels that don’t interact with each other.

This also means that if you replace the default WooCommerce Checkout with a Global Checkout from CartFlows you CANNOT customise the order bumps, upsells, cross sells and down sells based on what’s in the cart.

The Global Checkout funnel from CartFlows is fixed and NOT based on conditional logic like WooFunnels.

This forces you into THINKING you need 1 checkout page per product to allow you to customise the offers presented at Checkout based on what the customer is buying.

Does this mean I don’t have a default WooCommerce Checkout page?

You CAN still have the default WooCommerce checkout page if you’d like.

This allows customers who are browsing the WooCommerce site to add multiple products to their cart and checkout as normal.


Both WooFunnels and Cartflows allow you to replace the default Checkout page in WooCommerce with a conversion optimised and custom styled page.

Even better than the styling, you can also setup offers, order bumps, upsells, pre-checkout upsells, post checkout upsells, cross sells and more through the normal WooCommerce checkout route.

Remember, when replacing the default WooCommerce Checkout:

CartFlows – CANNOT Customize the offers based on what’s in the cart

WooFunnels – CAN Customize the offers based on what’s in the cart

WooFunnels – The Recommended Choice For WooCommerce Store Owners

WooFunnels has an Amazinng Suite of plugins and technology which come complete with intelligent conditional logic allowing you to replace the default WooCommerce checkout and customize the checkout experience for EVERY customer based on their behaviours.

We’ve done extensive research and WooFunnels is the Class Leading WooCommerce Checkout Customization plugin by a mile.

WooFunnels is designed with WooCommerce users in mind first and foremost.

That’s store owners with a catalogue and conventional WooCommerce store where users browse and have the opportunity to add multiple products to their cart during a visit.

We can’t recommend the whole suite of plugins from WooFunnels enough – but especially their WooCommerce Checkout Customization plugin; Aerocheckout.

You can get hold of the entire bundle of Plugins, or simply buy the WooFunnels Checkout plugin – their plans are flexible.

Check out WooFunnels Aerocheckout today!

WooFunnels Aerocheckout

CartFlows – a ClickFunnels Alternative

Cartflows has changed the game with WooCommerce as a Funnel Building tool.

This goes way beyond being able to create one checkout page for each product in WooCommerce – it includes the ability to build full funnels around a single trip wire product.

Cartflows gives you the opportunity to increase your Average Order Value (AOV) and drive up your profitability per visitor in a huge way – just like ClickFunnels.

Other Resources

So that’s how to create a dedicated checkout flow in WooCommerce for individual products, but you may have some other questions such as:

Can WooCommerce add multiple products to cart at once?

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