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Solving Preload Key Requests with Divi – Google Page Speed Insights

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The request from Google Page Speed Insights to “preload key requests” may feel like something you need to get a developer to do. But I have good news!

That is, if you’re on SiteGround Hosting – which is awesome, check out out SiteGround WooCommerce Hosting Review.

Preloading Key Requests Appears to make a big difference to the page speed score and if you do it, it completely eliminates that recommendation from the list.

SG Optimizer Web Fonts Optimization

The good news with a recent update to the SiteGround Optimizer plugin (free and works by deeply integrating your whole WordPress Site Optimization into 1 plugin) – you can now enter URLs of fonts / resources that Google indicates you should preload into the SiteGround Optimizer plugin settings and BAM it’s done.

This is particularly useful with Divi as inevitably the fonts can be a bit heavy on page speed (non-technically speaking).

And that’s it, you’re done.

Preload key requests WordPress

I’ve demonstrated how to preload key requests with Divi WordPress theme (and Extra) using SiteGround WordPress Hosting – but the truth is, it’s really easy to apply these principles to many WordPress Themes and WordPress Speed Improvement Plugins.

If you’re looking for specific advice on where to insert the key requests so they are preloaded, consult your speed or caching plugin support or even your host – send them a link to this page if you’re unsure what to ask!

By Ashley Pearce

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