If you’re looking for a multi-step Checkout Plugin for WooCommerce, you have a number of options. As with all plugin selections, you should be looking at compatibility FIRST. No point in picking what you believe is a feature rich “perfect multistep checkout plugin” for your WooCommerce store only to find it clashes with other plugins in a ridiculous way.

This is why we typically recommend WooCommerce Plugin Developers who have a suite of plugins that all work well together.

Picking and choosing plugins from each of the plugin developers out there is a sure-fire way to give yourself a continuous headache when it comes to managing updates – or costing yourself a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a WooCommerce Website Management Service to manage updates and security for you.

So I’ll get the ball rolling with the list, starting with Aerocheckout by WooFunnels

We love their entire suite of plugins – so it makes sense to recommend this one at the top of the pile

Aero Checkout

We also love Yith – so you should checkout Yithemes Multistep Checkout WordPress Plugin: