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One Page Checkout WooCommerce – Remove WooCommerce Cart Page

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One page checkout WooCommerce functionality isn’t enabled by default within the Core WooCommerce plugin. This means if you want a one page checkout with WooCommerce you’re going to need a WooCommerce Plugin that provides a one page checkout.

If you’re not specifically looking for one page checkout for WooCommerce, but are more generally interested in how to edit the WooCommerce Checkout page design without customized code, you should see my article explaining the best way to customize the WooCommerce Checkout page without code.

Equally, if you don’t want to remove the WooCommerce Cart page and just want to customize the cart page design, you should see my article here.

WooCommerce One Page Checkout

What is One Page Checkout with WooCommerce?

One Page Checkout is typically taken to mean that the cart and checkout page functionalities are combined on a single page. Implementing a One Page Checkout in WooCommerce CAN also go a step further and integrate the entire product detail page – essentially this becomes a sales, cart and checkout page all in one – which is why it can also be called WooCommerce direct checkout or WooCommerce quick checkout.

One Page Checkout: Combining Cart & Checkout Pages

Cart Page Functionality:

  • Provide customers an opportunity to review their basket, change quantities and remove products from basket
  • Act as an intermediary step between hitting “add to cart” and entering payment details

We think both of the core functions of the cart page suck.

Basically, the Cart page is there to encourage your customers to scrutinise their purchase choices and put an additional step between purchase intent and conversion.

The cart page is a DINOSAUR in the world of eCommerce and I challenge anyone who runs a successful eCommerce store to demonstrate any different.

Checkout Page Functionality:

  • Provide data entry fields for billing, shipping and payment
  • Be transparent with the customer about what they’re buying and how much for

AND, what it should also do:

Ultimately with the need to be transparent about what the customer is purchasing on the WooCommerce Checkout page, the need for the WooCommerce Cart page is further diminished.

Combined Cart & Checkout Pages

One Page Checkout for WooCommerce users by this definition would therefore mean that the Checkout page now takes on some of the cart page functionality. Basically, a summary of what’s in the order is now provided on the Checkout page – this isn’t ground breaking stuff like one click upsells for WooCommerce.

One Page Checkout: Product Page With Checkout Fields

Of course the other definition of onepage checkout essentially cuts out the WooCommerce Cart Page altogether.

Instead, you’ve essentially got a WooCommerce Product Page with the Checkout Fields for entering payment, billing and shipping details all on the one page.

One Page Checkout Plugins for WooCommerce Direct Checkout

Onepage checkout is a bit of a weird niche of functionality. Essentially what we’re talking about here are plugins to customize the default WooCommerce Checkout page OR plugins to replace the standard WooCommerce Checkout Page.

WooFunnels AeroCheckout for One Page Checkout WooCommerce

We recommend AeroCheckout by WooFunnels for anything to do with customizing the WooCommerce Checkout Pages.

Among a BUNCH of other things, AeroCheckout provides the ability for you to create a combined cart and checkout page or add a Checkout Form to a page or product page for a combined sales and checkout page in one.

Take a look at AeroCheckout in our review of the best checkout upsell plugins for WooCommerce that convert AND boost sales.

WooCommerce One Page Checkout vs One Click Checkout WooCommerce

One Page Checkout as we’ve described above talks about where the checkout form is in relation to other content, such as the product table from the cart page – or the product description on the product page.

One Click Checkout is more typically used to refer to the functionality where users are taken directly to the checkout page OR the payment gateway by clicking a Buy Now button instead of “add to cart” or “add to basket” on the product or sales page.

Once again, this is functionality that can be achieved with AeroCheckout from WooFunnels.

A One Click Checkout button could be placed on the product page which directs the website visitor to a checkout page dedicated to that product.

If you’re interested, here’s how to add a WooCommerce Buy Now Button to a product page WITHOUT code.

So, critically that’s how One Click Checkout WooCommerce compares with One Page Checkout WooCommerce – both are very narrow sales funnel builder type options and not typical for a WooCommerce store where users browse and add different products to cart as they explore your store.

Of course, if you want a little more nuanced behaviour like “redirect to checkout on Add to Cart” then this is a little less mainstream, and not necessarily great user experience – so think twice before going down that route.

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