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Build Your Business Presence Online With Our Web Design Packages

We know your services delivery, but if your offer isn’t presented well online on a website, your brand does not exist in the eyes of Google. We’re an accomplished Website Design and SEO company, based in Northamptonshire, working with businesses all over the UK. With our cost-effective, custom web design service, we will make your business shine online

Leading Web Design for UK Businesses

We create unique, responsive, and SEO-friendly websites for businesses who need a professional presence online. The majority of our clients’ websites are built on WordPress. WordPress is adaptable to your needs, professionally Search Engine Optimised, and easy to use without any dev skills, so you can make edits and update your content.

Our web design packages are affordable for any size business and are ideal for businesses whether you’re replacing an existing website, or starting from scratch.

Web Design Statistics

01. Functionality Is Key

“42% of people will leave a website because of poor functionality” (Top Design Firms, 2021).

02. Mobile Friendly Is Care

“48 percent of users say that if a business website is not mobile-friendly, they’ll take it as an indication that the business simply doesn’t care” (SAG IPL).

03. Design Matters

“38 percent of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive”(Blue Corona).

04. Speed Matters

47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less (Web FX).

05. Content Is King

“82 percent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content”(BP Studios).

06. Good UX Is a Game Changer

“88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience” (Web FX).

Included in Our Web Design Packages

What You Get With Our Packages

Domain Name and Pro Email Adress

Setting up a domain name ( and professional email address ([email protected]) is a must for a new website.

Logo, Branding, and Colors

We value your creativity when solving problems for your clients. We will make sure your brand is well-represented on the new website with your logo, colors, and fonts.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive design and mobile-friendly pages are incorporated into all of our web design packages. We will make sure your website functions and looks excellent across all devices.

SEO Friendly

We are Website Designers and SEO Geeks. We will make sure that your website is search engine optimised. We will lay good grounds for future rankings.

Speed Optimised

We will speed-optimise your whole website for the best results while keeping customer attention. We also provide fast and secure hosting that will further help the loading speed.

SSL Certificate

We will make sure that your website is up to date with the latest standards. We will add an SSL Certificate to ensure your information is secure.

Social Links

We will add all of your social media icons and connect your social profiles together. We will make sure to keep your customers connected with your brand via social media.


To keep your visitors interested, you need to answer the questions they have regularly. We will create a blog to share news, useful insights or even case studies and success stories.

Website Maintenance and Support

The website should be kept updated, secure and fresh. We can offer you a website maintenance service if you want that lifted from your shoulders.

“This team is pretty special…”

“Growing the business online was a no brainer – but finding a team to support that growth was far less simple. This team is pretty special – and they love beer almost as much as I do!”

Dane Wilson, Sound Brewery

Future State Media Design Process

We follow 7 main steps in our web design process. Starting with understanding your goal, we discuss what you want to achieve with your website. Then we move on to ideas, we discuss your business and any ideas and designs you like. We then put together an initial layout to show you, and we welcome your feedback! Once you are 100% happy with this, we get to work creating your new site. Typically websites are ready within 7 days, although larger, bespoke, or eCommerce may take longer. We will, of course, advise you of how long your website build should take to complete.

Once we have completed your website, we will begin thoroughly testing it on desktop and mobile devices. We make sure everything loads, displays, and reads as it should. Next, it’s time to fully optimise your new website for search engines, ensuring the fundamentals of SEO are in place before launch. Once we’re happy everything is perfect, we launch your website!

Step 1

Identify Your Goal

We will help you identify your goal for your new website build with our starter questionnaire.

Step 2

Ideas and Research

We will have a kick-off call to get to know your business, hear your ideas, and gather designs you like.

Step 3

Content Creation

We will put together the content for your website and get it approved.

Step 4


We will design your website and gather your feedback and implement it before the website built.

Step 5


We will create a fully functional website with the approved designs.

Step 6

Test and Optimise

We will fully test your website and optimise it for search engines.

Step 7


We launch your shiny new website onto the internet.

Main Web Pages

When it comes to creating your custom website design, it’s completely up to you what pages we will include. We would love to hear your ideas! However, we recommend the following essential pages as part of our web design packages.

Home Page

This is the main page of your website. This would be the first impression a potential customer will get of your business. We will make sure we get it right!

About Page

We know your business has a story, and it is worth being told! We will make sure your leads do get who you are, and your value to the world. We will show them how your business can help them with your service.

Contact Page

This page will be the place where your customers get in touch with you. Here we will display your contact details, location, opening hours, and social media links.

Services Page(s)

This is where your services are described in detail, written to appeal to your perfect customer persona. We will also create a showcase page for all services that will summarise the most important information your customers may want to read.

Additional Web Pages

While it’s good to get the essential pages in place on your website, it’s often good to include more information to further help the user find the information they are looking for. The following pages are commonly used in our website designs.


A place to keep your website users updated. A blog is a great opportunity to write on topics your users are searching for in search engines. Here you can add company updates, tips articles, or special offers, new beers, and lots more.


This page will be your trust builder among your future clients. Let’s share what other customers think of your services, and let the clients share what they think as well. This is the best way to gain trust and build a community around your brand!


Do you have any awards that your beers won? Let’s share all that information on a dedicated page. It is a great opportunity to show how trustworthy your brand is and the recognition it is getting via the awards!


If your services have transparent pricing up front, you can of course disclose it – or we can simply provide an enquiry form for a custom quote. We can summarise the cost details on a separate page or include that within the services page(s) we will build.


Often your website users will have questions, and many of them will be repetitive. You can summarize them, and frequently asked questions can be covered on a dedicated website page to help your users find answers + save some time from customer service.

Trader Order

Trader orders should be a dedicated page for every beer brand that wants to sell in larger volumes. We will make sure your packages look attractive to other businesses who want to sell your beers.

Web Design Packages Prices

Professional, Affordable Website Design and Build

The Best Start-Up Web Packages to Build a Website

We have 3 web design packages that are easy to understand and cover the needs of most of the brands we work with. If you are looking to build an eCom website for your brand, we also offer that service. We do provide custom website design and build and will go above and beyond to cover all your needs.

Need a custom package? Get in touch.

Pay Monthly for Website Design

Spread the Cost of Your New Website

Pay Monthly Web Design Options

Our web design packages are available with the same great features and pricing, but spread over 6 months, making getting online even more affordable. See our pay monthly web design packages and pricing below.

Need a custom package? Get in touch.

Will Our Website Design Packages Work for You?

  • Showcase Your Brand
  • Describe Your Business
  • List Your Beers With Prices

More About Our Web Design Packages

  • Email and Chat Support During Business Days
  • Hosting Provider Included
  • Websites Are Optimised for Search Engines Before the Launch
  • Generic Content Included (you could update the content yourself or use our Copywriting Services)
  • Websites Are Built Using WordPress
  • Backend Login Provided for Multiple Users

Website Design Package Details Explained

Mobile Friendly & Responsive Design

Our marketing company designs every project to be 100% mobile friendly and fully responsive. What does this mean? As mobile device usage increases, websites must be able to adapt to any screen size. We test each website on various devices, screen sizes, and web browsers before launch.

Branding and Colours

Most companies have a distinct identity, which typically includes a logo. We’ll base the layout and color scheme of your website on those used for this, ensuring that it stands out to current and future customers.

Lacking a color palette for your company? No problem! We’ll assist in assembling this.

Domain Name & Email Included

A unique domain name or a web address is a must for your brand website ( Many online web-building tools offer free domain names. However, they are typically sub-domains that are not specifically branded for your company (for example business, This type of web presence is not professional and out of your control on many levels.

In order to appropriately identify your new business website with a professional identity, we include a domain name for your company with our web design services. Additionally, we give you a personalised email address, such as [email protected]. The setup process on the email platform of your choice will be explained to you.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your new website is now prepared to launch. Now is the perfect time to optimise it for search engines before you go out and show it off to the world.

Why does this come first? Search engines must first understand the purpose of your website. This includes adding and optimising title tags, meta tags, header tags, schema data, and sitemaps. We won’t bore you with all the technical lingo. The pages, blogs, and other information on your website that you want to be found by the users need to be optimised. This is the only way beer lovers can find it in the search engines.

A startling 90.63% of websites receive ZERO traffic from Google, according to Ahrefs – the tool we use for optimisation. Let’s build a website that goes for the other 10%!

SSL Certificate

In today’s world, a website must be secure. Data must be encrypted in order to remain secure and private. By putting up an SSL certificate, you can demonstrate to users and search engines that your website is secure to use. An SSL certificate is a part of our site design services as a standard, as we highly value the online security of your website.

Optimisation for Speed

Website loading time is a vital part of the user experience with your brand, and at the same time, it is a ranking factor for Google. We include hosting in every website design plan that we provide. We use quick, safe, and affordable hosting providers. However, more optimisation is needed to meet all the criteria for Google’s Core Web Vitals. Although the impact of these Google indicators is small in comparison to other ranking factors, we always get them right from the beginning.

We reduce code, compress pictures, set up cache, and preload pages as part of additional optimisation and as part of our web design services.

Links to Social Media

We will connect your social media profiles to your new website. Although Facebook and Instagram are the most commonly used by brands, we can also provide connections to virtually any other social media platform. These include several more such as Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Tumblr.

Prospective buyers frequently look for a business on social media to read reviews or to hear from past clients. It is advantageous to have them easily accessible from your website’s header, footer, and contact page.

Website Contact Forms

Do you want your website visitors to contact you fast and easily? Then the answer is to build website contact forms. Although forms can be implemented anywhere on your website, they are an important part of the contact page or your product pages.

We may customise contact forms to add whatever fields you need your customers to fill out. Name, phone number, email address, and message are often included. Other fields that are frequently used include contact information, location, and type of enquiry.

Our web design services include the setup of contact forms, which deliver the entered information directly to your email address.

Website Support

We are happy to answer any queries or questions you may have regarding the design of your website. We are more than pleased to assist you if you need help with using a particular function.

We can walk you through the procedure or create a specialised video guide, depending on what you’d want to do.

Future State Media Web Design Services for Your Startup Brand

Search Engine Marketing for Brands

Our web design agency specialises in working with small and medium-sized brands in the UK. Our web design for brands provides a cost-effective way to gain exposure online, with a modern, responsive design and search engine-friendly website.

WordPress as a Website Design and Build Solution

We use the popular WordPress CMS framework, which is used by over 40% of websites worldwide. Since WordPress can be customised almost infinitely, it is a great solution for both standard websites and eCommerce online stores for brands. Together, our WordPress website designers create a website that will reflect your business’s values and be user-friendly, fast, and responsive.

Leading Website Design Company in the UK

We’re proud to be a UK-based Website Design and SEO company, based in Northamptonshire. Our small, experienced team of web designers creates each new website design in-house, without outsourcing. Your own point of contact will be available from day one, with unbeatable customer service and ongoing support.

Leading Website Design Company in the UK

Each of our website design packages comes with a pay monthly web design option so you can spread the cost evenly over the course of half a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Website for My Microbrewery or Beer Brand?

In 2022, having a website will be crucial to your microbrewery’s identification. While Facebook is quickly gaining ground as a source for finding local companies, Google is a significant factor that can not be ignored.

You must ensure that your microbrewery business appears on the first page, ideally right at the top, of a search for the beers or services your brand offers.

Customers frequently use Google to look for your company by name, especially if they are familiar with or have previously been your customers. They may need to contact you, discover your address, or suggest you to a friend. Your company must be listed and accessible in search engines. And the only way to do that is via a well-built and optimised website.

What Web Design Services Do You Offer?

We provide both portfolio-style and eCommerce websites at Mash Tun Media. A portfolio or educational website is suitable for a brewery that wants to showcase its products and services, while an eCommerce website allows for online product sales of your beers and other beverages.

If you want a unique solution, we also provide custom web design services.

How Much Does a Business Website Design Cost for a Brewery Owner?

The price of a website can vary greatly based on the platform utilised to develop it, the website design business, and many other factors.

It all relies on what you want your microbrewery company website to do. Whether it’s a small, informational website about your beers or services or a sizable online store, the goal is to increase online sales.

We specialise in producing WordPress websites at reasonable prices.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

We immediately start working on your new website! Within 14 days, your Mash Tun Media Digital web designer will have your website operational.

ECommerce or custom websites could take a bit longer. These can take up to 28 days to complete due to the volume of material or beers that need to be listed.

Can I Make Edits Myself?

Yes. We provide full admin access to your website once completed. We’ll happily help you to familiarise yourself with the admin dashboard and answer any questions you may have.

Which Platform Do You Use?

We build our website designs using the popular CMS, WordPress. This offers an almost infinitely customisable solution for any business website

Can I Spread the Cost of My Website?

Absolutely! We offer a range of affordable pay monthly options for your new website. Our affordable web design payment plans offer payments by direct debit each month, on a date to suit you. Please ask us for full details on spreading the cost of your new website.

What’s the Cheapest Way to Build a Website for a Microbrewery?

You may create a website using a variety of free internet tools, such as WordPress, Weebly, and Wix.

But building your own inexpensive website requires effort and frequently has a high learning curve. Particularly when it comes to SEO, free website platforms can have constraints and limitations. There’s no need to give it a second thought as we believe our inexpensive web design services are really worthwhile.

Do I Need a Web Design Service for My Microbrewery?

While there are many ‘DIY’ website builder platforms available, these often lack features that can limit your design and search engine presence. Our web design for microbreweries includes a fully responsive website, with initial search engine optimisation, and ongoing support.