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How to add a WooCommerce Buy Now Button without code

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By default there’s no way to add a buy now button in WooCommerce – allowing users to both add to cart and go straight to checkout with one click of the buy now button.

WooCommerce default add to cart options allow you to either;

1. display a message saying something along the lines of “item added to cart” when clicking add to cart on the product page.

2. Take users directly to the CART page (not the checkout page) when they click the add to basket button

Adding a Quick Buy Button to WooCommerce Product Pages

Ways to Add WooCommerce Buy Now Button to Product Pages

Thankfully (as always with WooCommerce!) you have a few ways you can achieve the desired outcome…


Here we go…

Using a Checkout Plugin / WooCommerce Funnel Builder to create an “instant checkout”

If you are using a WooCommerce Checkout plugin to replace the default WooCommerce checkout then you may already have all you need!

For example if you’re using WooFunnels Funnel Builder you’ll be able to create a dedicated checkout page for products and insert a “Buy Now” button on the WooCommerce product page that takes customers straight to checkout.

Cartflows will also let you do this – as it’s ultimately a narrow funnel builder like clickfunnels.

WooFunnels is far more adaptable and suitable for a WooCommerce store with a product range of more than 1!

Read about replacing your checkout with WooFunnels

Using a WooCommerce Payment Plugin to add a Checkout Now Button on Product Page

Lots of payment plugins over the past few years have focused on this particular capability to add a “fast checkout” option on product pages.

The latest PayPal plugin from WooCommerce allows exactly this WooCommerce Quick Buy experience. Customers can checkout directly on product pages with this latest PayPal plugin to replace all other PayPal plugins!

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