If you’re asking this question, it’s quite likely you’ve run into problems with your WooCommerce site after updating your website.

If you’re inexperienced at running a WordPress website with WooCommerce you’ll likely wonder why should you be concerned about updates?

Plugin, theme and core WordPress updates in WordPress and WooCommerce can all be responsible for a malfunctioning cart, checkout, or product page.

In other words, the act of updating your WooCommerce powered website is business critical – and likely to cost you sales, long term customers and brand trust.

It makes sense then that there are services designed to make sure your site stays live and sales aren’t lost due to poorly managed updates accompanied by rigorous testing.

We do offer Management Services – BUT only for our website design clients. I won’t let our team manage someone else’s mess – and after seeing our fair share of horror story WooCommerce website examples builds, it’s well founded!

I’ll be recommending some of the best WooCommerce Website Management Service providers on the planet who can keep your site churning out the sales!