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3 Myths About Google SEO For Amazon Sellers

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In this podcast I’ll be talking about 3 of the biggest myths about the Google Search Engine specifically in Amazon Sellers

So let’s see if you’ve been sucked in by any of these…

1. Google Traffic isn’t purchase intent traffic and therefore isn’t worth it

Tell that to the website owners making millions of dollars per year just directing traffic to Amazon – earning from their affiliate programmes.

Every single day there a millions of clicks on Amazon affiliate links driving traffic to Amazon Listings. So if you’re wondering how to drive traffic to your amazon product, this is worth a really good look.

2. Google Traffic takes far too long to get

Meaning you’re better off focusing on the short term

To launch a product on Amazon without a seller account takes ages too!

3. Google’s just an algorithm like Amazon A9 and is susceptible to the same level of gaming

Google had some of the most revolutionary changes in it’s algorithm in Penguin (April 2012) and Panda (Feb 2011)

Then there was Google Medic Summer 2018 (less revolution, more evolution)

More data for Google to play with that doesn’t automatically generate a self fulfilling prophecy

If Amazon changes the rank of an item, that will change the very metrics by which it’s achieved that rank – hence it’s a flywheel mechanism. So Amazon is very sales velocity focused – yes they might take a look at things over a longer and shorter term, compare windows of time etc.

People talking about honeymoon period, but it’s not a more diverse array of data – it’s just more of the same.

Google is also that bit more mature as an algorithm – yes the businesses have followed a similar timeline, but Google’s algorithm focus has meant it’s that bit more mature.

The guys at agree with me, having experts on both the Google and Amazon A9 Algo, they référence how the A9 Algorithm is;

“like Google’s younger (stupider) brother”

So why do these myths about Google even exist?

Particularly within the Amazon Seller space!

Scared of the unknown – of having to now “hack google” in the same way you “hack Amazon”
Time strapped and trying to justify NOT doing something

I personally know that External Traffic, including Google will be a huge differentiator for us going forward – differentiating ourselves from the Amazon only sellers and from the eCommerce Store owners who are addicted, but also scared to death of their Paid Advertising traffic that comes at a more and more unsustainable cost.

And you know the tide is changing, when the industries very own Ryan Daniel Moran says

“The ones who win are the ones who are doing Search Engine Optimization and sending the traffic to Amazon and closing the deal on Amazon.”

This was in an interview with Nathan over at the Outsourcing and scaling podcast from

Are you putting off developing your external traffic strategy because any of these myths?

This has been a 30,000 foot view of Google – and there’s tonnes more misinformation and outdated information out there – again because optimising for the Google algorithm as a topic has been around for a long time.

So don’t panic

Don’t go diving into droves of information

I’m going to continue to talk you through why and how you can leverage traffic sources including Google, in ways you might not have even imagined.

By Ashley Pearce

I'm the founder of Future State Media, a "small-on-purpose" creator-focused SEO agency skilled in helping creators systematically generate traffic, build audiences and maximise their monetisation whilst staying true to their brand.