WooCommerce default pages created from short codes typically don’t allow for much editing or Customization.

Using WordPress Page Builders to customize WooCommerce default pages

Your theme or page builder may provide some options to customize the header, footer or body of the page around the content created by the WooCommerce shortcode – but not the content or fields inside that created by the shortcode.

We recommend Divi theme and page builder.

Using Divi you can remove headers, menus and footers from default pages such as the cart and checkout pages. This is a great way to create a distraction free flow for customers completing an order on your store.

Elementor is another popular WordPress page builder. You need Elementor Pro to access the WooCommerce features (which is paid).

Whether using Elementor or Divi, the ability to customize WooCommerce default pages is limited to the elements around the shortcode.

Using Plugins to customize WooCommerce default pages

The WooCommerce Blocks plugin has for over a year provided the ability for some customisation of the layout of fields and content within some WooCommerce shortcodes.

This is particularly popular and useful for customizing the WooCommerce cart page, or customizing the WooCommerce checkout page.

However if you’re looking for true Customization control over your cart and checkout you should checkout our guide on how to customize the WooCommerce cart page and entire buyer experience.

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