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Security in Ecommerce

Ecommerce has grown tremendously in recent years, with global sales predicted to hit $4.5 billion in 2021. The success has inspired malicious actors to try different ways of compromising the security of eCommerce websites using sophisticated tools. Ecommerce sites are...

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Steps to increase WooCommerce Sales

This is going to be a detailed guide for store owners of WooCommerce who are trying to understand; what next? Once you’ve built your WooCommerce store and started taking some orders - what next? You want more than the basic tutorials on how to start or build a...

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Customizing WooCommerce Cart Page Without Code

Customizing WooCommerce Cart Page Without Code

Yes, there are plugins that have the ability to customize or edit the WooCommerce Cart page - in fact, they’ll customize the whole WooCommerce checkout flow. WooCommerce themselves have caught on to the fact that WooCommerce Store owners have a strong urge to edit the...

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Can I use WooCommerce Without a WordPress Site

If you're wondering if you can use WooCommerce without a WordPress site - the answer might surprise you... And actually, I'll add to the question "self hosted WordPress site" to clarify the question. You CAN create a WooCommerce store at and in essence...

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