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WooCommerce Grouped Product Type FULLY Explained

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Not finding the information you need on WooCommerce Grouped Products? You’re not alone. This WooCommerce product type seems to be hidden below a tonne of promotion for WooCommerce Product Bundles and a bunch of other WooCommerce Plugins that appear to be necessary for something that is actually core functionality.

You won’t find this video by searching the WooCommerce Docs (which is weird) but I managed to uncover this video which actually explains Grouped Products in WooCommerce really quite clearly. For some reason there’s a complete lack of searchable documentation on the WooCommerce site – so hopefully this will end your search!

WooCommerce Grouped Products Explained

What You Can Do With WooCommerce Grouped Products

WooCommerce Grouped Products are ultimately like “collections”

They actually rely on the existence of other WooCommerce Product Types for their construction.

i.e. you can’t add anything new to a grouped product that doesn’t already exist in the WooCommerce Product Catalogue on your store.

The limitation of this type of product as it’s constructed on WooCommerce Core is that despite the fact you can bundle products together as a grouped product in WooCommerce, you can’t then apply a discount.

The main reason you’d group or bundle products in WooCommerce is to incentivise your online shoppers to add more products to their basket. Just grouping some products together may work, but it’s going to be far less effective than if you also offer a discount on the group of products.

This is where the question of “how does WooCommerce make money” really comes in.

They offer some core functionality that doesn’t quite achieve what you want it to, and then you have a choice.

You either:

  1. Come up with an inventive way to provide a discount – like putting a coupon code on the grouped product page for users to enter at checkout to get their discount on the product bundle
  2. Or you buy something like the Product Bundles plugin which enables the discount functionality along with quantity discount for WooCommerce, bulk discount for WooCommerce etc.

Check out WooCommerce Product Bundles here

What REALLY Pisses me off about WooCommerce Grouped Products – Default Quantities

This is almost what I would call a blatant attempt to make this core piece of functionality as useless as possible so the extension becomes a must.

If you follow this support thread on support forum for WooCommerce you’ll see it goes like this:

  1. Create Grouped Product – great
  2. Go to grouped product page – see that all default quantities in the “quantity box” next to the products in the bundle are set to zero (0).
  3. Click “add to cart” for the grouped product
  4. Exactly ZERO of each product in the Grouped Product is added to cart

That’s just awesome

Face – Palm – Slap

This pisses me off because it’s sloppy.

On no other product type page is the default quantity set to “zero” which mean that code has specifically been adjusted so that in this instance it’s a zero.

Other Resources for WooCommerce Grouped Products / WooCommerce Group Products

There’s also this relatively convoluted page which dominates the search explaining how you can “bundle products with WooCommerce” – but the majority of which aren’t talking about WooCommerce core – 5 out of the 6 solutions require additional paid WooCommerce extensions.

If you’re now digging around for information, there is of course the short description of a WooCommerce group product and how to create one in the “adding a product” section of the WooCommerce Docs which can be found here.

WooCommerce Product Bundles

Of course, you may just be looking for WooCommerce Product Bundles and NOT Grouped Products.

In which case, check out WooCommerce Product Bundles here.

Can WooCommerce add multiple products to cart at once?

YES – with WooCommerce Product Bundles you’re able to make several products within a bundle add to cart on the single click of an Add To Cart button.

This is essentially what WooCommerce Grouped Products SHOULD do – but you need the WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin to add multiple products to cart in one click with WooCommerce.

So there you have it, WooCommerce Grouped Products are different from WooCommerce Bundles.

  • WooCommerce Grouped Products are a default product type available in the WooCommerce Core plugin
  • WooCommerce Bundles provide the essential features that WooCommerce Grouped Products DON’T

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