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Email Marketing For Amazon Sellers Action GUIDE & Tools

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As a serious Amazon FBA Seller you’re no doubt familiar with the concepts and strategies around Marketing to your customers using email. However, no-one has really nailed it in terms of providing Amazon Sellers with truly ACTIONABLE advice for using Email Marketing in you Amazon eCommerce business.

That’s what we set out to do with this Email Marketing Guide for Amazon Sellers – specifically written for YOU. Taking into account the limitations that Amazon’s Terms of Service impose and the general concept that on Amazon you’re acquiring sales NOT Customers.

I’ll say that again.

When selling on Amazon, you’re acquiring SALES NOT CUSTOMERS.

This is why email marketing is so important to Amazon Sellers who want to build a sustainable business with;

  • Cost effective (even profitable) product launches
  • More than a 30 x multiple business valuation
  • A real brand with brand equity and value (as opposed to superficial brands with zero value)
  • A Customer Lifetime Value that can be calculated for YOU not Amazon

Whether you’re growing an Ecommerce business on Amazon as a Cash Cow or building a Star business to exit, the positive impact of Email Marketing on your bottom line is tremendous.

Email Marketing Guide For Amazon Sellers – Using Email Automation & Delivering ROI

So in this guide I’m going to walk you through the fundamentals and the details of Email Marketing For Amazon Sellers in a way you can take back to your Ecommerce Business, and your team if you have one, and start implementing right away.

We’re going to cover:

  • Automating Acquiring Customer Emails and Building An Email List For Amazon Sellers
  • Automating Cross Selling Your Product Range With Email Marketing
  • Automating Your List Monetisation Even WITHOUT New Product Launches
  • Using Your Email List To Acquire Customers With AND Without Amazon

First though, let’s “level up” our understanding of how the type of product you sell SIGNIFICANTLY impacts the monetisation strategy (and profit potential) of an Email List and Email Marketing Strategy For Amazon Sellers.

An Email List Is An Audience Based Traffic Source (You’re Reaching The Same People Again & Again)

If you haven’t read or listened to this blog post and Podcast on the External Traffic For Amazon Sellers Podcast – I’d suggest you do so. It’s 14 minutes of your time EXTREMELY well invested and will allow you to quickly evaluate which path you need to take when monetising your Email List.

Listen to or read Traffic Vs Audiences for Amazon Sellers now.

If you want the abridged version… here it is:

If you have a consumable product (one which gets consumed as it’s used) you have the potential to sell the SAME product to a customer over and over again. So when using email marketing, you’re simply reminding them to “buy something they’ve already bought” – which is ultra-low-friction Email Marketing.

If you have a product which isn’t consumable, but maybe infrequently purchased, like a suitcase, you’re going to have to offer them OTHER products to purchase. Not just the same product again and again. This tends to have higher friction in terms of sales conversion. They’ve bought from you before, but they have no experience with the product.

There’s also another problem that most “experts” in the eCommerce space fail to acknowledge. It’s very high cost to keep launching new products at the rate you need them to be able to monetise your email list effectively. I’m not saying it can’t be done – but if you have that much capital your whole Ecommerce Strategy might look quite different anyway (I’d suggest you might be looking at simply launching off Amazon completely and generate your own audience and traffic).


Consumable Product – Email Marketing Sells your list more of the same and introduces new products at your pace

Non-Consumable Product – Email Marketing Sells your list new products on a continuous basis

So if you’re selling the latter, you may be thinking “ok, will email marketing work for my product and business?”

The beauty of thinking “outside of Amazon” is that instead of your go-t response being “ok I need to launch another product”. The response can be “I need to find another product to promote”.

They are subtly different…

You don’t need to sell your OWN product to make money

You don’t even need to “sell” a product. You just need to be rewarded for promoting the product if it does sell as a result of your email marketing efforts.

What am I going on about?

Here are a couple of ways you can monetise your email list if you DON’T have a consumable product:

  • Drop Ship someone else’s product via your own Ecommerce Store
  • Recommend someone else’s product to your customers and get rewarded with affiliate commissions

Now you may be wondering what the hell Dropshipping is. If so, go read this article from Big Commerce introducing Drop Shipping and the Pro’s and Con’s

If you’re also wondering what the hell is an Affiliate Commission? Here’s another article explaining Affiliate Marketing and how it works.

If you’re short on time, it goes like this:

You get paid for helping to market someone else’s product resulting in a sale. With Dropshipping you actually take the cash from the customer, with Affiliate Marketing you get a “kick back” called an “affiliate commission” for directing customers to make a purchase from someone else. That someone else could include Amazon – as they have one of the most extensive Affiliate Programs on the PLANET.

Whether monetising with Drop Shipping or Affiliate Marketing it’s a win-win strategy;

  • You’ve got a great excuse to email your list
  • You’ve got the ability to make money from your customer more than once a year
  • You could drastically increase your ROI from your email list
  • BONUS NINJA TACTIC: If you get success promoting a particular product you could private label your own version!

Product isn’t consumable, but sells say 1 per year

Of course you could be thinking, well my product isn’t “consumable” but people would buy one maybe once a year, so will Email Marketing still work for my eCommerce business? Do I still need to promote other people’s products?

Well when it comes to email marketing, it’s true to say that a list needs to be nurtured and maintained.

Meaning: If you don’t email them for ages, then pop up and email them out of nowhere, it’s likely you’ll get ignored.

So just promoting your own product once per year could be a low ROI endeavour.

You therefore need to have something to email your customer list about to be able to “maintain and nurture” your email list – without being TOO time consuming and expensive JUST to try and get the “once a year sale”.

Of course, provide customers with useful information and product guides related to your product using Email – but unless your product is highly technical, it’s unlikely you’ll have a WHOLE year of email content.

So filling the gap in your email marketing schedule by promoting “complimentary products” that are relevant to your market is a great idea.

This would allow you to communicate with your customer at an optimal frequency based on your “market’s expectations”.

What are market expectations of email frequency?

Well here’s the short version to establish typical email frequency in YOUR market:

Sign up to all of your “large” competitor email lists and measure. If you can’t find YOUR market exactly, think about a similar adjacent market serving the same customer with a product that sells at the same frequency (i.e. once a year, once a month, once a week type purchases).

But we’ll circle back on Optimal Email Sending Frequencies later in this guide.

Automating Acquiring Customer Emails and Building An Email List For Amazon Sellers

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Automating Cross Selling Your Product Range With Email Marketing

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Automating Your List Monetisation Even WITHOUT New Product Launches

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Using Your Email List To Acquire Customers With AND Without Amazon

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