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Customizing WooCommerce Cart Page Without Code

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Yes, there are plugins that have the ability to customize or edit the WooCommerce Cart page – in fact, they’ll customize the whole WooCommerce checkout flow.

WooCommerce themselves have caught on to the fact that WooCommerce Store owners have a strong urge to edit the standard WooCommerce Shopping Cart page.

With the introduction of the ability to customize the WooCommerce Cart page in the WooCommerce Blocks plugin.

This inevitably means that this functionality will be brought to the core of WooCommerce in the near future.

For now many of us are left wondering what’s the best way to, and how to edit the WooCommerce Cart Page and checkout.

We’ve reviewed and used a whole host of solutions, avoiding using custom code to edit the cart page and checkout- here’s our advice on how to edit the WooCommerce cart page and more!

How to Edit WooCommerce Cart Page Design

This article contains affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission if you purchase plugins and services we mention at no extra cost to you. We only recommend the best plugins and services – which we have used and can recommend.

Customising just the WooCommerce Cart Page?

If you’re going to add yet ANOTHER plugin to your tech stack, it better be worth it right? Therefore it better bring with it a little more functionality than JUST the ability to customize the cart page.

What about customizing the WooCommerce checkout page design?

What about editing the WooCommerce Thank You page?

What about the WHOLE checkout flow?

What about making the WooCommerce checkout like Shopify?

You wouldn’t want a plugin for EACH of those functions, and the great news is, there’s are a number of great plugins that can help you customize all of these WooCommerce generated pages.

Best Plugins for Shopping Cart Page Customisation in WooCommerce

Yes, if you’re wondering How do I edit the WooCommerce Cart page without using custom code, your solution is going to involve a plugin.

To be clear we NEVER advise customizing WooCommerce code – we ALWAYS advise using reputable plugin developers with great ratings, proven performance, compatibility and support.

FunnelKit Aero Checkout – The BEST WooCommerce Cart & Checkout Plugin

Our choice of WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce Cart Page customisation (and checkout flow optimisation as a whole) is WooFunnels FunnelKit Aero Checkout and WooFunnels FunnelKit Funnel Builder (for increasing order values and overall ecommerce sales with order bumps and upsells before, during and AFTER checkout)

Aero Checkout delivers a customized WooCommerce Cart Page and Checkout Page Experience which feels AWESOME – and more importantly, it converts!

Here’s a video giving you a BRIEF overview of the capabilities of WooFunnels FunnelKit Aero Checkout

WooFunnels FunnelKit is brought to you by the team at XL Plugins (Wisetr Technology PVT LTD) a company founded way back in 2011 before WooCommerce was even born! These guys know eCommerce – and they’re business focused!

That is to say – they’re focused on making YOUR Business, BUSINESS focused.

XL Plugins pretty much outline YOUR success as their mission:

“XLPlugins builds premium WooCommerce Plugins for conversion focused business owners…see how you can get more ROI from the same traffic…”

XL Plugins

These guys KNOW their stuff – and I can personally say I’ve been on the receiving end of support that has topped all expectations of TOP CLASS support.

And it’s not just “nice support” – these guys GET SHIT DONE

I’ve kind of developed a serious soft spot for this team – and their plugins are at the centre of every tech stack we build.

It’s as simple as that.

If I need to sell you on the idea that you need to replace or redesign the default WooCommerce Cart and Checkout page then hell – that needs another article dedicated to it!

If you’re researching the best WooCommerce Cart Plugins so you can customize the WooCommerce Cart page – literally STOP LOOKING.


It’s right here – it’s WooFunnels FunnelKit Aero Checkout

No need to learn PHP, CSS or HTML – just install WooFunnels FunnelKit Aero Checkout and enjoy the ability to customize your WooCommerce Cart page and edit the design with ease!

BEWARE Cartflows DOESN’T allow you to customize the Cart Page

Brought to you by the team behind the widely used Astra Theme for WordPress and the Founder of WPCrafter, Cartflows brings a bunch of optimisation capability – BUT NOT WooCommerce Cart Page Customization.

With drag and drop funnel building and integration with an extensive list of page builders, Cartflows is a highly compatible and adaptable plugin for building “Click Funnels Like Funnels” with WordPress and WooCommerce.

With Cartflows you can customize the checkout page and thank you page in WooCommerce without touching a single piece of code!

BUT NOT the Cart Page Design – this is a critical flaw.

You Need WooFunnels FunnelKit Aero Checkout for WooCommerce Cart Page Customization – and to Customize Checkout

The WooCommerce Cart page is important from the perspective that you NEED to change the default WooCommerce Cart Page.


Your objective should be more encompassing of the ENTIRE Checkout process in WooCommerce.

There’s PLENTY to be improved upon from the default WooCommerce Pages.

WooFunnels FunnelKit Aero Checkout allows you to streamline the entire checkout process – including combining the Cart and Checkout page functionality so you’re reducing purchase friction – and ENHANCING conversions.

It’s time to take a look at WooFunnels FunnelKit Aero Checkout if you haven’t already!

WooFunnels Aerocheckout

BONUS – Use CartPops Side Cart Plugin in combination with Aero Checkout

Absolutely awesome tip here though…

Combine Aero Checkout with a WooCommerce Side Cart plugin and you’ve got:

1. An awesome Ajax loading cart for shoppers as they browse the store

2. A high converting combined Cart and Checkout page using WooFunnels FunnelKit Aero Checkout

If replacing the WooCommerce Cart Page with a slide out Side Cart is what you’re looking for we recommend CartPops – It’s Amazing – and it’s replaced our previous Side Cart Plugin.

Best of all – we’re seeing AMAZING results using CartPops in combination with Aero Checkout to make the whole shopping experience slick, high converting and average order value BOOSTING!

Looking For More Ways To Improve WooCommerce Shopping Cart and Checkout?

As mentioned above, there’s a lot to be desired with the basic default WooCommerce Checkout on your WooCommerce store.

Improving the WooCommerce Cart Page Design and Layout is great – replacing the WooCommerce Cart Page completely with an awesome Side Cart with built in upselling is even better!

But thinking beyond the WooCommerce Basket Page or Cart Page design and layout – the Checkout Page and whole checkout flow is your opportunity to ensure you get the conversion and to maximise your revenue per customer.

I plead you NOT to just thinking about this as a “design” task – but as a task in business optimisation overall.

When you zoom out and look at your WooCommerce checkout experience;

  • from the Add to Cart button,
  • to the Side Cart or Cart Page,
  • to the Checkout Page
  • to the post checkout upsell page
  • to the post upsell down-sell pages
  • to the post upsell / down-sell pages to the thank you page!

All of these steps in the process of converting a customer are CRITICAL and need significantly more attention (and typically tools) than you’re using right now.

If you’re interested in reading more about any of these areas in detail, checkout the links below. I can give you the TLDR; version:

Aero Checkout and CartPops come out on top

Read more about:

So, How do I edit the WooCommerce Cart page?

You can edit the WooCommerce Cart page with WooFunnels FunnelKit Aero Checkout, completely changing the contents, layout and design of the cart page.

WooFunnels FunnelKit Aero Checkout allows you to create a one page checkout combining both the cart and checkout page functionality.

How do I customize my WooCommerce cart page in Divi?

Using the Divi Builder and Divi Theme you can edit the layout of the WooCommerce cart page by using rows, inserting custom page headers and footers, add additional call to actions (buttons) and also promote store wide offers, upsells and promotions.

If only using the Divi Builder and Theme, you will still use the WooCommerce Cart Page Short Code and the WooCommerce Cart layout will remain as per the default WooCommerce template. Instead you can customize the design of the page around the WooCommerce Cart Short Code.

How do I create a WooCommerce cart page?

The WooCommerce Cart Page is created by placing the WooCommerce Cart Short Code onto a page in WordPress, then selecting this page as the “Cart” Page in the WooCommerce Settings.

To create a customized WooCommerce Cart page you should use Aero Checkout by WooFunnels FunnelKit, an awesome plugin that allows you to design a custom Cart Page in WooCommerce.

How do I edit my cart page in WooCommerce?

If you’re trying to edit your Cart Page in WooCommerce you’ll need one, or a combination of the following;

  • Skills to customize PHP and CSS
  • A WooCommerce Cart Plugin
  • A WordPress Page Builder like Divi or Elementor

We do NOT advise Customizing WooCommerce PHP or CSS code.

We do advise using WooFunnels FunnelKit Aero Checkout to customize your Cart Page (and checkout flow) in combination with CartPops WooCommerce Side Cart.

We also advise using Divi Theme and Page Builder to fully customize the Cart Page Design.

How do I make a cart page in WordPress?

WordPress core software doesn’t have a built in shopping cart or checkout functionality. This capability needs to be added on to Core WordPress using plugins. The most popular and robust way of adding a shopping cart to WordPress is by using the WooCommerce plugin which turns your WordPress powered website into an eCommerce store – complete with Cart Page, Checkout, Payment gateway and product pages.

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