Yes, there are plugins that have the ability to customise the WooCommerce Cart page – in fact, they’ll customise the whole WooCommerce checkout flow.

WooCommerce themselves have caught on to the fact that WooCommerce Store owners have a strong urge to edit the standard WooCommerce Cart page.

With the introduction of the ability to customise the Cart page in the WooCommerce Blocks plugin.

This inevitably means that this functionality will be brought to the core of WooCommerce in the near future.

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Customising just the WooCommerce Cart Page?

If you’re going to add yet ANOTHER plugin to your tech stack, it better be worth it right? Therefore it better bring with it a little more functionality than JUST the ability to customise the cart page.

What about the checkout page?

What about editing the WooCommerce Thank You page?

What about the WHOLE checkout flow?

What about making the entire WooCommerce checkout like Shopify?

You wouldn’t want a plugin for EACH of those functions, and the great news is, there’s are a number of great plugins that can help you cusomtise all of these WooCommerce generated pages.

Best Plugins for Cart Page Customisation in WooCommerce

Our choice of WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce Cart Page customisation (and checkout flow optimisation as a whole) is Cartflows.

Brought to you by the team behind the widely used Astra Theme for WordPress and the Founder of WPCrafter, Cartflows brings a bunch of optimisation capability.

With drag and drop funnel building and integration with an extensive list of page builders, Cartflows is a highly compatible and adaptable plugin for WooCommerce optimisation.

With Cartflows you can customise the entire Cart Page Design in WooCommerce without touching a single piece of code!

No need to learn PHP, CSS or HTML – just install Cartflows and enjoy the ability to customise your WooCommerce Cart page and edit the design with ease!

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