Most of the results for “how to customize the WooCommerce thank you page” or “how to change the WooCommerce order confirmation page” explicitly talk about code based customisations that quite simply, unless you’re a developer AND a store owner are pretty damn useless.

We don’t want to be messing with PHP and diving in and out of the functions.php and style.css files of a child theme! We want simple customisation, drag and drop style – exactly the way we work with the rest of our WooCommerce store.

The good news is – this article is written for you, the “code allergic” ecommerce entrepreneur who wants to focus their time on building their business, and not their knowledge of PHP and keyboard shortcuts for improving the number of lines of code you can pump out in an hour!

This article contains affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission if you purchase plugins and services we mention at no extra cost to you. We only recommend the best plugins and services – which we have used and can recommend.

Cartflows Is Your Answer To Customising The WooCommerce Order Received or Thank You Page

Cartflows is a REALLY feature rich WooCommerce plugin that allows you to customise the ENTIRE checkout process, including upselling products during the checkout process whilst securing conversions.

So to say Cartflows can customise the Thank You Page within WooCommerce is a complete and drastic understatement.

Cartflows allow you to customise the entire customer checkout process within WooCommerce, increasing conversion rates AND driving up Average Order Values (AOVs).

Custom design your WooCommerce Cart Page, WooCommerce Checkout Page and introduce upsells exactly when your customers are most likely to convert.

Turn your eCommerce store into a sales machine with multi-stage funnels built to your exact requirements with a drag and drop builder within WordPress. Build custom pages using YOUR choice of page builder, including the native Gutenberg builder if you choose!

You don’t need to be able to code to change the design of the WooCommerce Thank You Page!

Just remember, when it comes to WooCommerce the majority of solutions presented online and in the community will be code based solutions.

This is because the community are developers.

However, just because you CAN use code, doesn’t mean you HAVE to use code to customise WooCommerce.

Avoid using a plugin for every single customisation or alteration you want to make to your WooCommerce store – but don’t forget there are almost 60,000 WordPress plugins in the repository ALONE (and that doesn’t cover thousands of premium plugins and extensions).

Choosing plugins that are feature rich, have high compatibility with other plugins (are kept up to date) and don’t duplicate functionality of existing plugins on your site is essential.

As part of the Future State Media Ecommerce Roadmap that we implement with our Done For You WooCommerce Websites, we provide store owners with a clear path for the technology stack (the plugins used) on their WooCommerce over time as their business scales in revenue and global reach.

Does the WooCommerce Blocks Plugin allow you to customise the Order Received Thank You Page?

WooCommerce has enabled customisation of the WooCommerce Cart and Checkout pages via their WooCommerce Blocks Plugin – which means at some point in the near future this will be rolled out into the Core WooCommerce plugin so WooCommerce users can customise Cart and Checkout Pages using “Page Builders” without the need for another plugin.

Here’s the announcement about the development from WooCommerce regarding the release of Cart and Checkout customisation using WooCommerce Blocks

This DOESN’T include the WooCommerce Thank You Page unfortunately. So Cartflows will still be required for now.

What’s the WooCommerce Thank You Page Shortcode?

There isn’t actually a short code for this page. In non-technical terms this page is constructed from the database and not from the formulation of content on a static page.

Obviously there’s the WooCommerce Cart Shortcode, WooCommerce Checkout Shortcode, WooCommerce My Account Shortcode… But there’s no “WooCommerce Thank You Page Shortcode” unfortunately.

This may be one of the reasons that this page isn’t currently included in the WooCommerce development allowing Store Builders to design their own Cart and Checkout pages described above.

Is there a WooCommerce thank you page customizer plugin?

Yes there is a dedicated WooCommerce plugin for custom thank you pages over on the WooCommerce Extensions marketplace. Here’s a link.

This WooCommerce extension is only currently $49 – so it’s a lot less than Cartflows. But to be clear, it also does a LOT LESS than Cartflows.

The Custom Thank You Pages plugin available at WooCommerce essentially allows you to enter shortcodes and place the information you want within a pre-designed WooCommerce template. Remember, this isn’t a “page” in the same way that you create pages with Cartflows.

So even though this plugin is called “Custom Thank You Pages” – it’s actually more of a “Slightly edit the information provided on your WooCommerce Thank You Pages” plugin.

For true control over the checkout experience with WooCommerce you need Cartflows.

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