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Can I Put An Amazon Link On My Website To An FBA Product?

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The question of whether you can link to your own products on Amazon comes up again and again when using an Amazon Associates affiliate link. The answer is the same, whether you’re linking to your own product or someone else’s product on Amazon – you need to have an affiliate disclosure that’s compliant with both Amazon and the FTC requirements.

If you’re literally just wondering whether it’s OK to link to products on Amazon when not using an Amazon affiliate link, you haven’t got anything to disclose – just go ahead and link to Amazon.

This article contains affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission if you purchase plugins and services we mention at no extra cost to you. We only recommend the best plugins and services – which we have used and can recommend.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to inserting Amazon Affiliate links on your website, and one of the best ways of staying compliant is to use an Amazon Affiliate Link Management tool such as Amalinks Pro (affiliate link) and follow their guidance closely on their blog.

This article from the Amalinks Pro Blog in particular about linking to both Amazon Product Pages AND other stores on the same article or page – which is something many hadn’t even considered up until the massive Affiliate Commission Rate Cut by Amazon back in April.

Should I link to Amazon products on my website?

Whether you’re a straightforward Amazon Affiliate without your own private label product, or you’re a physical product brand owner – linking to Amazon will have differing benefits.

As an Amazon affiliate you have the opportunity to generate Amazon Affiliate Commissions – if you link in a TOS Compliant manner! We recommend Amalinks Pro and Amalinks Table Builder to create awesome looking buttons, links, showcase boxes and more when linking to products on Amazon.

As an Amazon Seller, selling your own physical product on the Amazon Marketplace it’s a great idea to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing. This could be your secret weapon that other Amazon sellers simply CANNOT put up a fight against. It’s not black hat vs white hat – it’s traffic and audience building vs short term Amazon Algorithm hacking. Traffic and audiences ALWAYS win out in the end.

The benefits may differ, but the answer is the same for both Affiliate Marketers and Amazon Sellers – linking to Amazon products on your website is a great idea whether you’re generating eCommerce sales for your own brand, or affiliate commissions through sales of products on Amazon.

Amazon Affiliates are typically faced with the challenge of how to embed amazon product on my website whilst abiding by the Amazon Affiliate Terms of Service. We covered off a few options for how to embed Amazon Products into your website in this post.

How to embed an Amazon product on my website

Amazon has an easy to use tool called Sitestripe which makes it simple to embed Amazon product images and links on websites. Sitestripe is accessible to members of the Amazon Associates (Affiliate Program). So you will need to join, or already be a member of the Associates program to embed links using Sitestripe.

Which Pages Can You Link To On Amazon?

As an Amazon Seller, you can link to several pages on Amazon that ultimately promote your own products on Amazon.

There are also several formats of URL you can use for various purposes, mostly around stimulating keyword rank on Amazon. You can use a tool like Gems from Helium10 to generate links such as “super URLs” and “2-step URLs”.

The EcomCrew blog covered the Terms Of Service (TOS) compliance of various URLs and methods of getting customers over to your Amazon listing – the ultimate conclusion is that there’s very few 100% Amazon Seller Terms Of Service Compliant methods.

What isn’t covered in the article from EcomCrew is the ability to use the Amazon Attribution Program to track the effectiveness of your traffic campaigns to deliver sales. It uses quite a different tracking system to the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program, but both offer the ability to see which links clicks are resulting in sales so you can calculate the RoAS of your External Off-Amazon Traffic Campaigns.

Of course in terms of the pages you can link to in order to get people to your product on Amazon, you can link to:

  • Directly to the Amazon Product Listing
  • To your Main Amazon Storefront Page
  • To an Amazon Storefront Page dedicated to your Product.
  • To an Amazon Product List

Go forth and link…

If you’re in the Amazon Seller or Amazon FBA game, the topic of linking to Amazon comes up when you’re thinking about External Traffic For Amazon – something we specialise in at Future State Media. If you want to grow traffic to your Amazon listing, contact us today.

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