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WooCommerce How To Set Multiple Prices Per Product

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If you’re using WooCommerce and you want to set multiple prices per product, such as setting pricing tiers for quantity discounts or pricing per user type – you’re in luck.

WooCommerce has a whole plethora of pricing plugin options for anything from bulk pricing discounts to wholesale pricing with WooCommerce.

PLUS there are a range of ways to use core WooCommerce functionality to offer multiple prices per product without using a plugin.

Pricing per product in WooCommerce can also apply to offering discounts for multiple items. For example “buy x with y and save 10%”

set multiple prices per product in WooCommerce

How To Set Multiple Prices Per Product in WooCommerce

Setting Multiple Prices Product with WooCommerce Plugins

Here are some of the best WooCommerce plugins to offer pricing discounts per product in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin

The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin is available on the WooCommerce Extensions marketplace for a yearly subscription.

It’s got a bunch of features.

To name a critical few:

  • Change / reduce price based on quantity of product ordered
  • Change / discount price based on user role
  • Offer discount on a product if bought if bought with a product from a specified category

Take a look at the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin here.

Discount Rules For WooCommerce Plugin

The discount rules for WooCommerce plugin by Flycart is available from for free.

It’s a freemium plugin with a Pro version available to unlock some more of its advanced features.

The Pro version does everything the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin does – with additional features such as:

  • First order discount
  • Next order discount
  • Buy one get one free
  • Discount for product variations
  • Tiered discounts (multiple tiers)

To name just a few.

Check out Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro by Flycart here.

Setting Multiple Prices Product with WooCommerce Variable Products

WooCommerce comes with the ability to create “variable products” also known as “variations” as part of the core WooCommerce plugin. This means you don’t need another WooCommerce Extension or plugin to create variable products.

How to set multiple prices per product with WooCommerce Variable Products

A variable product is very much like a “simple product” but with the addition of a “variable” such as “quantity” you can setup multiple variations or “tiers” of product available on the same product page.

For example, you may want to sell your product in different quantities.

In which case, you could setup variations in WooCommerce to sell a:

  • 1 pack
  • 2 pack
  • 5 pack
  • 10 pack
  • etc.

Each of these would technically be treated as different “products” within WooCommerce – but the user visiting the page will see different pricing options on the SAME product page.

The above example might seem a bit irrelevant for your application. So let’s give another example.

Let’s assume you have a product, but it can be bought in a “Silver, Gold or Platinum” level – like a membership, or a tier of product.

In this case, you can again use a WooCommerce variable product to essentially set multiple prices for the same product page in WooCommerce.

This option is definitely one to consider before jumping in and buying a plugin. As in a lot of cases, this approach usually works extremely well.

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If you don’t offer quantity discounts, could literally just do it through checkout…

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