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Steps to increase WooCommerce Sales

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This is going to be a detailed guide for store owners of WooCommerce who are trying to understand; what next?

Once you’ve built your WooCommerce store and started taking some orders – what next?

You want more than the basic tutorials on how to start or build a WooCommerce store.

Now what you actually need is a roadmap and a guide on how to grow your eCommerce business using WooCommerce.

The great news is – I’m all about the “roadmap” mentality.

With SO MANY options and WooCommerce plugins, opportunities and distractions. It’s easy to get lost when thinking about what you should do NEXT out of all of the things you could invest your time and money in.

My focus for the roadmap will be ROI

What will give you the biggest ROI in the SHORTEST TIME.

This way you’ll MAKE MORE MONEY and be able to invest that in progressing along the eCommerce store owners growth roadmap.

This ISN’T just a list of plugins

This is a business focused guide that will help you understand what YOU need to do to grow your eCommerce business in a profitable and sustainable way so you can earn what you deserve whilst delivering great products, great customer experience and long term success.

Feel free to ask for advice on your business growth direction in the comments below!

The Starting Point – Let’s Get On The Same Page

The Starting Point – A Functional WooCommerce Store

In order for these growth steps to apply, I thought it was worth defining the “where you are now” (or at least likely to be at right now).

You’ve installed WordPress, setup your website and the installed the WooCommerce plugin.

You’ve setup your WooCommerce Products, setup WooCommerce Shipping Options etc.

You’ve configured your Payment Gateway and your WooCommerce emails (maybe not how we would – but you’ve ticked the box)

You’ve spent (wasted) time tweaking how your website looks only to realise things go out of whack every time there’s a WordPress, plugin or theme update.


The key point is – you’ve started taking orders!

You have some customers.

You’re now wondering where you can put all that energy you have after spending way too long / paying way too much to get your WooCommerce store to where it is today.

But it’s been a learning experience – and you now realise it’s worth taking stock and thinking more strategically to avoid wasting even MORE time and effort in Facebook Groups and messing with WooCommerce settings etc.

This article from top to bottom is for you!

Equally – if you’ve been struck by shiny object syndrome and have tried 6 million plugins over the last 3-6 months for a store with less than 500 products – this article could be you’re “simplifying saviour”

Remember – you got into eCommerce to build a business, not a website.

There’s a difference!!!

Step 0 – Basics in place – things you probably missed

I’m not saying you missed something to annoy you.

I am saying you probably spent far too much time on things that added very little value to your business and overlooked some HUGE value actions.

Step 0.1 – WooCommerce Email Setup & Configuration


You might think you have this covered – but I guarantee you that you’ve missed an aspect of this that you wouldn’t have even considered.

You probably don’t even realise there’s a problem lurking with your WooCommerce emails

More coming soon…

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By Ashley Pearce

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