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Amzon Product Launch Services For Improving Organic Amazon Ranking

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As an Amazon seller in 2021, product launch services, keyword ranking services and Amazon rank maintenance services are still very much alive and part of your arsenal.

One could argue that they are more alive than EVER before.

So I compiled a list of the services and tools for ranking for keywords on Amazon in 2021.

There are the fully hands off Amazon Ranking Services through to the multi-part Amazon Keyword Ranking Tools that require setup and hands on use.

Historically, these services and tools have been referred to as “Product Launch Services”, but increasingly a focus on maintaining organic rank and answering the question; how to drive traffic to your Amazon product listing have been the refocused target of these services.

I’ll start with one of the newest Amazon Ranking Services on the block…

Best Amazon Product Launch Services 2021

Ranking On Amazon in 2021

Seller Chatbot –  Rankster

Paul Harvey has this one tied up in my opinion – running a Chatbot and offering a service to use that Facebook Messenger Chatbot to rank your products for your is absolutely ingenious. It shows the guys at Seller Chatbot truly believe in their own product.

As with all Chatbot systems, there’s all sorts of gamification, Search Find Buy on Amazon and keyword focused Chatbot campaigns that are possible. The best bit about the service is that you don’t have to concern yourself with all of that Amazon Product Launch stuff – you can pay and walk away!

Check out Seller Chatbot ranking service called “Rankster” here.

ZonBlast Next

From the creators of the original Zonblast ranking campaigns comes Zonblast next. A rebate based Amazon Product Launch service that’s worth a look. As with their usual proposition, it comes with a monthly subscription and then there’s a fee for each unit pushed through the Amazon Focused Rebate System.

Worth a look and really affordable if you’re launching even as little as 1 product a month.

Check out Zonblast Next here.

ZonRanker Amazon Ranking Service

As of writing this service is still in Beta and being promoted by Liran Hirschkorn (a name you’ll probably recognise if you’ve spent 5 minutes in this space).

ZonRanker is a Rebate Based service and they explain about how they comply with Amazon terms of service etc. On their website.

Essentially this service helps to automate the process of selling your products at a discount using rebates as opposed to discount coupon codes.

Rebates can currently be set between 1-100%, so the service isn’t exclusively a 100% giveaway service.

RebateKey Retail Discount Service

Less Amazon specific and more “Retail” focused, RebateKey is again a “Rebate Based” Amazon Ranking service.

There’s a little more hands on involvement, as it’s more of a tool than ZonRanker.

Check out RebateKey here

Viral Launch Amazon Keyword Rank Services

Onto a long standing service in the market started by none other than Casey Gauss (an absolute stand up and genuine guy whom I was lucky enough to have lunch with in London this past summer).

Viral Launch is a “Coupon Based” Amazon Product Promotion Service. This means that customers get given discount codes AHEAD of purchasing the product on Amazon.

Even though the sales copywriting is very “launch” focused (it’s in the name!) fundamentally, if you’re trying to organically rank for a keyword over time, not just when your product is first released, Viral Launch can help.

Check out their subscription and one off Amazon Organic Rank Increase services here

As with most other Amazon Ranking Services, you have the ability to “target” one, or a number of keywords that you want to rank for.

Essentially the “keyword targeting” is achieved in one of a number of ways. Formulated URLs or getting the purchaser to manually search for the keyword on Amazon, find your product and then purchase it (aka Search, Find, Buy or SFB) are a couple of examples of how this is done. Something you’ll be familiar with if you’ve been in the Amazon space for 5 minutes.

ZonBlast Keyword Ranking Service

  • These guys apparently came up with the tactic of using the “Coupon Based” Amazon Ranking method.
  • The company behind ZonBlast is actually called SixLeaf (just in case there was any confusion).

As with Viral Launch this Amazon Organic Ranking Service allows you to target one or many keywords that you want to improve rank for.

Also like Viral Launch, discount codes are given to Amazon Discount Hunters ahead of purchase. This means that purchases aren’t “full price buys” as it is when using “Rebate Based” methods.

There are many who swear that “full price buys” carry more “keyword ranking power” than discounted purchases. This makes logical sense, but with so many factors impacting this I’ve not seen data backed evidence that isn’t skewed by factors out of your control.

Here’s the ZonBlast website

Other Amazon Product Keyword Ranking Services Include…

  • JumpSend
  • ZonRush
  • Vipon
  • ZonJump

Risks Involved With Amazon Product Launch Services

There are always risks involved with anything that tries to increase sales velocity. After all “influencing the search results” is exactly what you’re doing… but so is “listing optimisation” is it not?

Regardless of whether you think it’s right or wrong, there are risks.

Complying with Amazon ToS

All of the services above will explain how their service is compliant with Amazon Terms of Service.

You need to make a decision about what you’re comfortable with, it’s really that simple. There’s a high degree of interpretation involved when it comes to the Terms of Service relating to product launches and keyword ranking on the Amazon A9 Algorithm.

Resellers and “Hijackers”

If you sell product at a steep discount, it does make it profitable for “retail arbitragers” to resell on your listing via FBA.

You could therefore create your own enemy, having these people competing with you for the buy box – legitimately.

Many Amazon product launch and Keyword Ranking Services have suffered being overrun with these discount hunters.

As a result, they’ve also cleaned up their lists and they’re aware that sellers will steer clear of them if they don’t stay “clean”.

Final Thoughts

Whether referred to and used as a “product launch service” or used to increase organic ranking for keywords on Amazon, there is a place for these services in 2020.

Of course, the costs involved could make these services feel prohibitive.

It’s not unusual to get recommendations from “launch consultants” or when using the CPR method from Helium 10 to be advised that you need to “give away” in excess of 300-500 units to rank for a single keyword.

Assuming $200 cost of a launch service and then $10-15 cost to sell a unit at a deep discount, the cost to rank for a single keyword can range from $3000-$8000.

And that will more than likely help you achieve rank during the launch, but maintaining that organic rank is altogether something different. This may also result in needing to run a few launches for the same keyword…

Costs are HIGH

And these Amazon Keyword Ranking Services are servicing THEIR email lists and launch lists – not yours.

Replenishable Organic Traffic from Google could be a great source of your own discount buyers if you pursued an Organic Traffic Building Strategy

So if you’re wondering how to increase Amazon Ranking in a more cost effective, controlled and sustainable way I’d suggest you assess your traffic options by taking a look at our ultimate guide to External Traffic For Amazon.

Spoiler alert; Building your own source of earned and owned traffic is the most cost effective strategy for a business that wants to launch and sustain sales on Amazon – and it’s becoming more critical. Especially for non-consumable products which don’t have the benefit of repeat purchases and increased Lifetime Customer Value (LCV).

By Ashley Pearce

I'm the founder of Future State Media, a "small-on-purpose" creator-focused SEO agency skilled in helping creators systematically generate traffic, build audiences and maximise their monetisation whilst staying true to their brand.