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Recreate WooCommerce Default Pages – Pages Missing or Deleted

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By default when WooCommerce is installed and you follow the installer wizard, there are a number of WooCommerce Default pages that are created. NOTE not all must have pages for an eCommerce store are created by WooCommerce! But more on that shortly.

The default WooCommerce pages created automatically during installation are:

These default pages are simply created using WooCommerce Shortcodes or, in the case of the Shop Page – by simply selecting the page within the WooCommerce settings to be the “Shop” page.

For example, the Cart page is created using the WooCommerce Cart Shortcode:


Creating The Default Pages If I Delete WooCommerce Pages

If you’ve deleted a default WooCommerce page – don’t panic.

To recreate the pages one by one, simply get the shortcodes – which you’ll find on the WooCommerce site here, then create a new page, paste in the shortcode and hit publish.

Missing WooCommerce Default Pages

In my opinion, one of the missing pages from WooCommerce is the “Order Tracking” page.

The order tracking page shortcode for WooCommerce is:


You can also find it here.

Quick Way to Create All Default WooCommerce Pages

If you need to create ALL of the WooCommerce default pages in one go because you deleted all of them, or skipped the setup wizard; simply do the following:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Status
  2. Click on Tools tab at the top of the page
  3. Scroll down to “Create default WooCommerce pages” towards the bottom of the page
  4. Click on “Create Pages”

And that’s it you’re done!

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