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Most popular Print on demand plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce

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There is nothing more satisfying than having print-on-demand services allowing you to sell your own products without owning the inventory itself. Just ask WooCommerce store owners who use WordPress. There are plugins that allow you to send your own products such as a logo for your sporting goods website, and they will add it to t-shirts, mugs, hats, socks, and many more options.

That example leads me to the point of this article. Here are the most popular Print-On-Demand plugins for both WordPress & WooCommerce:


Zakeke Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce

Zakeke is a 5 star rated platform and it’s easy to understand why that is. The print-on-demand services allow customers to see their finished customised product before purchase. You can also get an approved, read-for-print file for your own specific order and on top of this you can increase your margins as you can get a fixed rate for each customization.

In addition to this, not only can you give your customers the exact product they are specifically looking for you can also get 3D real-time product reviews to give visitors for a unique experience.


  • Text customization: customers can add text to your products, change its color, size, orientation, rotation, and choose their favorite fonts.
  • Clipart and images: upload a catalog of pre-selected artwork for clients to pick and create new designs in minutes.
  • Own images: customers can upload their own images and use them to create uniquely personal products.
  • Premium Photos: customers can access over 140 million high-quality images and artworks made available by talented professionals from all over the world.
  • Product variations: allow visitors to change colors, sizes and styles to match exactly what they want.
  • Realtime 3D view: customers will see 3D models of their customized products that they can zoom in on, rotate and move around.
  • Augmented Reality: use AR to show your visitors a 3D replica of their product in their own house.
  • Product Configurator: customers can build their own versions of your products by choosing components, changing elements, and customizing colors and materials.


Custom CAT

Custom Cat is a highly effective and free plugin that gives users full creative freedom when it comes to customization which is suitable for any WordPress website relating to e-commerce.

The following are what makes Custom Cat unique to the rest of the list:

Unrivaled Experience – With 20+ years of experience & over 10,000 WooCommerce stores alone, you know you’re in good hands.

Speed – Our average fulfillment time is 3 days or less on most orders. That means faster delivery & more satisfied customers!

Quality – With millions invested into state-of-the-art equipment, we’re the industry standard for quality.

Best Pricing – We pass savings onto our partners to preserve your profit margins.

Easy Setup – Connect your store & start fulfilling orders with CustomCat in minutes.

Product Selection – We carry hundreds of customizable products from the world’s top brands.


  • Customize anything & everything
  • 400+ official extensions
  • Unlimited listing variants
  • Made for developers by developers


Printify for WooCommerce

  • Higher Profits
    We offer some of the lowest prices in the industry because print providers continuously compete to win your business.
  • Robust Scaling
    Easily handle peak holiday seasons, with our wide network of partners and automatic routing functionality.
  • Best Selection
    With 300+ products and top-quality brands, you can choose the best products for your business.


  • Popular print-on-demand service with easy WooCommerce integration
  • More than 300 products to choose from
  • User-friendly mockup generator
  • Great customer service
  • Refund if production time exceeds 10 business days



Printrove is one of the easier options on this list in terms of how simple to navigate but also highly effective at the same time. Printrove’s product catalog offers multiple options, ranging from flags to, e-posters.

This plugin enables users to easily apply this service to their WooCommerce store and once the connection has been established the user can actually upload maps and designs to the appropriate SKU. When the orders are confirmed on the user’s Woo-Commerce store, Printrove will deal with the rest of the transaction by printing the design and fulfilling any other wishes from the customer on your behalf.


  • Easily create a print-on-demand store with easy WooCommerce integration
  • Design library and mockup generator
  • Easy to configure and use with user-friendly tools
  • Live order status for error-free fulfillment


Acutrack Fulfillment with specialization in publishing

This plugin helps you integrate the media on-demand service of Acutrack with your WooCommerce store. You will be able to easily print a book based on your demand forecast. It will be really helpful for coaches, instructors, consultants, advisors, etc., to deliver their books or media directly to consumers or marketplaces. More importantly, you will get the service of an expert team to help with graphic design, printing, packaging, etc. Furthermore, there is perfect integration with WooCommerce, and reliable customer support.


  • Reliable partner in book publishing and media on demand.
  • Smooth integration with WooCommerce
  • Easy to configure
  • Dedicated support



CloudPrinter is the leading E-Commerce plugin for WordPress. With the Cloudprinter native app developed by the Cloudprinter team, you can use all features of our platform directly from WooCommerce. No coding or custom development is needed.

Once the user features their different products, they can then display live shipping rates to customers while offering a price based on the given strategy.


  • Integrate your WooCommerce store with CloudPrinter service
  • Lets you create a shipping cost margin
  • Option to sync orders both automatically or manually
  • Templates to help you customize



With Key2Print, you can integrate your WooCommerce store with one of the leading print-on-demand services in Europe. There is a wide collection of product categories that allow you to sell customizable products as per your choice. You can feature the products as per your idea and forward orders directly to production plants for fulfillment.


  • An efficient option to create a print on demand store
  • Fully automated order management and fulfillment
  • Smooth integration through API
  • Choose from a range of products that promotes returning customers


Printful Integration for WooCommerce


Like the others, Printful is yet again another popular print-on-demand service that gives users creative freedom in terms of customizing personalized products and then selling them on the user’s eCommerce store. The process is easy to start as you begin by uploading personalised designs and then Printful handles the rest. The rest being printing and fulfillment.

In addition to this, there are also more than 270 products to choose from ranging from categories such as apparel, jewelry, kits, and more. It should be noted that there are also advanced features such as free design templates, automated imports, and more.


  • Advanced print-on-demand service with the automatic order import
  • Live shipping rates
  • You will be able to choose custom labels and/or packing slips
  • 24/7 support via email or chat from the admin team
  • Discounted samples: order samples for a specific product with 20% off and/or free shipping depending on what you decide
  • Free design templates
  • Control over margins: Plugin charges user to cover production while user sets retail prices and what is left remaining from that is the user’s profit
  • Automated tax settings and live shipping rates
  • Free to use with charges only based on fulfillment and warehousing services



Shirtee.Cloud is the most widely used e-commerce system worldwide and is completely free. A perfect choice for beginners, but also for advanced a solid system with many possibilities.

Customers can get access to the user-friendly product generator that gives customers plenty of options and recommendations to choose from based on preferences.  After the user decides they can then import that product to their own WooCommerce store using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest & Linked In to market them.

It is suitable for beginners to small businesses.

According to their website, their advantages are as follows:

  • Having 47 million downloads, WooCommerce is the most widely used e-commerce software worldwide
  • With numerous extensions, you can actually customize your WooCommerce shop to your needs
  • Large selection of finished shop designs
  • It is free
  • Quick set up time
  • Difficulty is medium


  • Can create more than 4000 product variations
  • Automatically syncs orders for fulfillment
  • Imports products to WooCommerce store easily
  • Easy to create a product catalog with designed products

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