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Facebook For WooCommerce Plugin Conflict Causing Issues – Solutions

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The Official Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin is notoriously bad when it comes to plugin and theme conflicts on WooCommerce and WordPress.

To avoid confusion here, the official Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin is both available from the WooCommerce Extensions Marketplace for FREE OR on the Plugin Repository for FREE.

See Facebook for WooCommerce plugin page on WooCommerce Extensions Marketplace

See Facebook for WooCommerce plugin page on Plugin repository

If you follow either of those links, there should be ONE BIG THING that catches your eye…

The star rating with the most reviews is 1 STAR – on both plugin pages independently.

The reason for the star rating is because it’s notoriously appalling at clashing and causing conflicts with other plugins.

I’m baffled by this – as it’s part of the WooCommerce Extensions Marketplace, it should be rigorously compatibility tested to follow WooCommerce software release processes.

Official WooCommerce Facebook Plugin – Fixing Errors & Conflicts

Ok, you chose the wrong plugin, so let’s move on and solve your problem…

If you’re adamant you want to keep the plugin, I’ll first dive into some common causes of issues below.

Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin Alternatives

Often cited as a great direct replacement for the Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin is the Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce by AdTribes

It too has a free version (confusingly it has “Pro” in the name which usually indicates premium / paid plugins) but they’ve opted to refer to their “paid” version as the “Elite Version“.

SO the Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce Plugin IS NOT a direct replacement for the Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin developed by Facebook and WooCommerce.

Official Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin vs Product Feed PRO by AdTribes

FB for Woo OfficialProduct Feed Pro (Free)
Adds feed to FB ShopAdds Feed to FB Shop
Adds FB PixelDOESN’T Add FB Pixel
Adds FB Events for tracking adsDOESN’T Add Events

Obviously there are a BUNCH of other features you COULD compare between these 2 plugins, but if you’re trying to find a replacement for the Official Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin – these are the plugin features that matter.

Once again, this highlights that the FREE version of Product Feed PRO isn’t a direct replacement for the FREE Facebook for WooCommerce plugin.

However, the ELITE version of the Product Feed Pro Plugin DOES provide you with those capabilities – along with adding Google Feed and Dynamic Remarketing tags.

This brings me on to the recommendation I ALWAYS make…

Go for Multi-Purpose NOT Single-Purpose Plugins for Pixel, Event, Tracking & Catalogues

Think about your plugin selection based on EVERYTHING you’re doing.

Then choose a plugin or selection of plugins from the SAME developer that deliver ALL of the functionality you’re looking for.

Adding Facebook Pixels and Google Tracking Codes, Facebook Events and Google Dynamic Remarketing Tags, Facebook Product Feeds and Google Product Feeds are all IDENTICAL pieces of functionality.

You should seek to have a SINGLE plugin that handles ALL of your event, pixel and conversion tracking.

  • Minimising the number of plugins
  • Minimising Plugin and Theme conflicts
  • Keeping your code as lean and lightweight as possible
  • AND Keeping your site secure from plugin vulnerabilities

I thoroughly talked through this particular topic on another article and I show off just a small portion of the VAST array of plugins that are available to add FB Pixels, Pinterest Tags, Google Tags, Google Product Feeds, Pinterest Catalog Feeds, Facebook Catalog Feeds – the list goes on and IS GROWING.

Have a read of my article – your vast options for installing pixels, setting up events, tracking codes and product feeds on WooCommerce and WordPress

Pixel Your Site Product Catalog Feed for WooCommerce

This plugin is a paid plugin – and there’s good reason for it.

It’s awesome – and the developers are extremely responsive.

PYS Product Catalog Feed for WooCommerce is comparable in price to the Elite plugin from AdTribes – and is comparable in terms of specifications.

That being said, the thing that’s awesome about Pixel Your Site is that their BUNDLE of plugins solve ALL of your headaches around pixel tracking, event tracking, catalog feeds, Profit tracking from Ads with Cost of Goods and more.

The Bundle covers:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • and more

The Pixel Your Site Bundle IS an alternative to the official Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin…

But it’s also a replacement for SEVERAL other plugins and functionality you may have “hacked” into your WooCommerce store.

Check out my detailed review of installing pixels, tracking events, catalog feeds and more onto your WordPress website using Pixel Your Site Pro bundle of plugins

We don’t recommend many plugins with a huge level of conviction – as we KNOW how sensitive WooCommerce and WordPress can be to plugin conflicts and theme conflicts.

When it comes to Pixel Your Site – I make a recommendation with skin in the game. We use Pixel Your Site on all of our sites as it’s a robust and complete solution that stands the test of time. Check it out!

Common Issues with Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin & Solutions

Why are my products not displaying in my Facebook shop?

A common reason for this particular issue is due to the Facebook shop having been set up outside of the Facebook for WooCommerce wizard causing the Facebook page to link to a different Facebook catalog – one other than the one the plugin is using.

If you’re having trouble like this – and you want to fix this configuration issue, here’s a link to some steps on how to fix the problem.

Other Common Issues and solutions

Read other common issues and fixes for the Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin here.

The above link should help with issues such as:

Virtual products are not displayed on my shop

I cannot select the pixel I want to use through the plugin setup window

I tried to open the setup window with the Manage Connection button, and instead the popup window displays “Sorry, this content is not available right now

When opening the setup window, I see the title “Facebook for Magento” or the shop details are not loaded correctly, with “undefined products” synced

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