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Introduction To The External Traffic For Amazon Sellers Podcast For eCommerce Entrepreneurs

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Welcome to the External Traffic For Amazon Sellers Podcast

In this short episode I lay out exactly what you can expect to hear from me on a weekly basis, with a relentless focus on Traffic for Amazon Sellers, including:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (Obviously Google SEO!)
  • Pinterest Traffic Strategies
  • Paid Advertising and Paid Traffic Strategies and their costs
  • Low Cost Traffic Tactics and Strategies
  • Hyper Targeted and high performance retargeting and remarketing tactics
  • The best marketing concepts and constructs from the industry, from the best in the eCommerce space

If generating profitable traffic for your Amazon listings from a variety of low cost sources sounds like something of interest, tune in, subscribe and take notes because we’ve got quite a bit to cover!

Why the External Traffic For Amazon Sellers Podcast?

It’s simple really.

Intellectual capital.

As a successful 7 figure Amazon seller I can always spend financial capital quicker than I can accumulate it, or put another way I have more aspirations and ideas for my brand than financial capital.

So we’re deploying our accumulated intellectual capital to help Amazon Sellers discover the significant advantage they can have over the competition by mastering external traffic for their Amazon listings.

And yes of course, if you find the information of value but overwhelming, me and my team at Future State Media are here to help you implement these strategies through our services, coaching and our training (coming soon!).

The fight for external traffic is on and choosing the right channels to master, with the highest ROI is critical for long term profitable success on Amazon.

Let me help you avoid the stranglehold that a single source of (increasingly expensive, Amazon based) traffic has on your eCommerce business.

Let me help you leave the competition wondering how you’ve steadily, and irreparably made them irrelevant and replaced them as the dominant global force in your niche.

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Episode Transcript

Ashley Pearce  0:01

Hello, and welcome to the external traffic for Amazon sellers podcast. My name is Ashley Pearce and I’m going to be your host. I’m a seven figure amazon seller and a digital marketing innovator. The concept of external traffic for Amazon sellers doesn’t appear to be a new one. podcasts and blogs and Facebook groups are peers who’ve been talking about this for a long time. The key word being appear profitable traffic for Amazon sellers is probably a better description of what it is I’m trying to articulate here. Traffic is expensive, and it’s getting more expensive by the day. influences in in in the industry appear to tell you, you either need to be on Shopify or on Amazon. Oh, and by the way, it’s probably not worth being on Shopify, or having your own store because Amazon is such a lucrative channel that could talk your own store.

Ashley Pearce 0:53

This advice is quite confusing and high level

Ashley Pearce 0:55

and probably a bit misguided for many this world of Amazon and off Amazon, it really needs to collide and be explained. And that’s what you’re going to get here. I’m going to share with you the best practices from my business, but also from the most respected e commerce, retailers and brands across the web. I’m going to join the dots. I’m going to be your translator. And I’m actually going to be your experiment with my own business. That helps you understand how to generate profitable traffic, and ultimately profitable sales on Amazon using external traffic. So you won’t hear much about Amazon PPC, other than to draw some comparisons and contrasts. But you will hear about search engine optimization, Pinterest traffic strategies, low cost retargeting and remarketing tactics, marketing concepts and constructs from across the industry and how they can be adapted to be powerful mechanisms for your business. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking to the tech geek who’s looking for a code based solution to this marketing problem? I’m talking to the business strategist, the woman or the man at the helm.

Ashley Pearce 2:10

I don’t want to give you hacks.

I want to provide you clarity, and strategies that will help you steer your business to long term success and help you avoid the out of sight risks, the biggest of which is the escalating cost of traffic and the increasing stranglehold that single traffic source will have on your business. But who am I to give you advice on selling on Amazon? If you want to hear more about me, I’d advise you head on over to future state forward slash about where you can see some podcasts that I’ve been on and read a little bit more detail about me and my business. In brief, I’m a seven figure seller who’s been very focused on brand building and traffic building over the past two years. I’ve invested countless hours and countless dollars into developing strategies, tactics and processes that my team use to propel our e commerce business forward. Now, if you’re smart, then maybe a smidge cynical right now you should be asking yourself, but why the hell are you talking on this podcast? Why focus your time on anything else but the e commerce business. If the e commerce businesses so successful, it’s actually pretty simple. Over the past two years, we’ve been investing in brand and traffic building, we’ve accumulated significant intellectual capital. We’ve also accumulated quite a bit of financial capital. As with any business grown in the e commerce space, you can quickly run out of financial capital when you’re trying to grow at pace. All money is invested back into your inventory and into cash flow management, which just gets harder as the business gets bigger. So I saw an opportunity to leverage the intellectual capital that we built through futures Media and use some of our time and our brains and our energy to help others and to generate business for future state media. But that’s not the end of the story. And in fact, that’s not even the beginning. The truth is, having been in the Amazon space for the best part of half of the past decade, I’ve seen an explosion of information available to Amazon sellers. Not all good, but not all bad. Most, however, failed to do our topic, external traffic, any justice whatsoever.

Ashley Pearce 4:39

As I said earlier, I actually believe that traffic ownership of that traffic and the accumulation and ownership of customer data are their biggest sources of risk to any e commerce business that hasn’t got a strategy to deliver traffic at lower costs.

Ashley Pearce 4:50

Paid advertising has proliferated and the waterline is rising. And in many cases, it’s risen beyond the level of financial viability for many products, brands and services. I believe the strategies that my team has been developing and implementing over the past two years could have a huge impact on the world of e commerce for Amazon sellers. And that’s my goal to make an impact. Now, I’m actually an engineer by trade and I became an engineer. And for those of you in the UK, I mean degree qualified engineer, a real engineer. I became an engineer because I wanted to change the world huge aspirations. On my first day at university, I was told by the dean of engineering, engineers understand, use and leverage scientific principles for the betterment of humanity. I walked away from that very lecture, feeling like I was going to be a freakin superhero. And in my business, that’s what I aspire to be. What I didn’t appreciate was that those scientific principles are all around us in every industry, especially in marketing. So I want to talk to you about all the things that no one else is really talking about. I want to help you find your competitive advantage. Your differentiation, your profitable variation, I’m recording with a very low tech setup. Apologies for that. But I’m sure I’ll make up for our audio imperfections with tonnes of high impact strategic value. And if you just take the value from the podcast and implement the tactics and strategies that I’m going to talk about here, then I know I’m going to have an impact. If you want to get more involved and work with me or my team, then great, I urge you to head on over to future state and discover what we have to offer. I’ve worked in many large and small businesses and I’ve, I’ve been a prolific change agent in those businesses.

And I went and built my ecommerce business from scratch. So I know I can provide value to you and your business, and I’m really excited at the prospect. So join me subscribe, start clicking through these episodes. And let’s go on our journey together.

Thank you.

By Ashley Pearce

I'm the founder of Future State Media, a "small-on-purpose" creator-focused SEO agency skilled in helping creators systematically generate traffic, build audiences and maximise their monetisation whilst staying true to their brand.