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Ezra Firestone’s eCommerce Business Cost Breakdown

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I love finding out how other people spend their money in their eCommerce businesses. I’ve yet to come across an entrepreneur who invests quite as much as I do in the innovation side of their business!

Ezra Firestone is someone to aspire to in eCommerce. Having listened to Ezra for a whole bunch of years, getting some insights into how he spends his money in his eCommerce business is a real treat for any eCom business owner.

Ecommerce Business Cost Breakdown – Ezra Style

So without further ado, have a listen to this podcast interview with Ezra Firestone of BOOM! and Mike Jackness of EcomCrew and formerly Colorit.

Ecommerce Business Costs as a Percentage of Revenue

The approach Ezra and Mike take is a great one, as it makes businesses directly comparable.

By looking at costs as a percentage of revenue, regardless of what size your eCommerce business is you can compare eCommerce business cost profiles effectively.

Some of the percentages that Ezra throws out there are even a surprise and a challenge to Mike over at EcomCrew – how do they stack up against yours?

eCommerce Business Model with Ezra Firestone

If you’re unfamiliar with Ezra Firestone, this video of his talk at James Schramko’s FastWebFormula 4 event back in 2013 is a great introduction and pretty timeless! There’s very little else on the internet that has stayed as relevant as this over that time period. It’s aged well!

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