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Why are new products in WooCommerce not showing in shop page?

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If you’ve added new products to WooCommerce and they’re not appearing on the website, there could be a few reasons.

Why new products don’t appear in WooCommerce

Reason 1 – You’ve not cleared all Caches

You might be seeing an “old” cached version of your site. Therefore clear all caches – including the server level cache!

If you use Siteground WooCommerce hosting and use the SG Optimizer plugin you can clear all caches right from your WordPress dashboard.

Reason 2 – The shop page has been customized

If you’ve had a custom WooCommerce store built it’s highly likely that the shop page was customized.

If the WooCommerce shop page has been customized, the products displayed on the shop page may not automatically update as new products are added.

Speak to the person who built your store – or better still, migrate to using a page builder like Divi instead.

Reason 3 – Plugin or theme clash

It could be that you have a plugin, theme or core WordPress code clash causing your site to malfunction.

These sorts of things happen frequently when updating WooCommerce to the latest version.

The reason for the increased likelihood is that plugin and theme developers typically lag behind WooCommerce plugin updates.

That’s why it’s best to wait for your theme author and plugin authors to update their plugins before updating WooCommerce.

Here’s my guide on how to fix issues with latest update from WooCommerce.

Wrapping up

If a product is added to WooCommerce and doesn’t appear when visiting the store, these 3 reasons are likely behind the issue.

If you follow the 3 solutions – you’ll be back to normal in no time.

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