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Cartflows vs WooFunnels – Checkout & Upsell Showdown

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If you’re debating about whether to sign up for Cartflows or WooFunnels, you’re in the right place. Having taken both for a test ride and chosen our weapon of choice for creating awesome cart, checkout and upsell experiences that drive up average order values – I’m well placed to give you the scoop on which one you should choose!

WooFunnels vs CartFlows for WooCommerce Checkout & Funnels 2021

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WooFunnels vs Cartflows Comparison Table

(Funnel Builder)
Customize Cart PageYesNo
Customize Checkout PageYesYes
Customize Thank You PageYesYes
Replace default checkoutYesYes
Run offers on Checkout PageYesYes
Specify checkout offers based onYesNo
Specify upsell offers based on items purchasedYesNo
Run offers after initial checkoutYesYes
Yearly Subscription Cost (single site)$199$199
Reputable DeveloperYesYes

WooFunnels vs Cartflows TLDR;

WooFunnels Funnel Builder absolutely kills Cartflows hands down for conventional WooCommerce store owners with a product range.

This is because of WooFunnels’ ability to “specify checkout offers based on items in cart” and “specify upsell offers based on items purchased”

Cartflows DOESN’T have a “rules engine” that allows you to upsell and present offers that are customized to the shopper’s cart items.

This is the biggest flaw with Cartflows – meanwhile WooFunnels has the “best in class” rules engine for building the logic behind your customized offers.

If you’re a WooCommerce store owner with anything more than a single product in your product range, WooFunnels is the clear choice over Cartflows.

Cart page customization is a slight bug bear – although, with WooFunnels we actually completely eliminate the cart page and send customers direct to checkout where they can also see the contents of their cart.

Cartflows more an alternative to ClickFunnels?

Cartflows is STILL a good example of a funnel builder for WordPress and WooCommerce – there’s no doubt about it.

The user interface is intuitive and the template library for funnels is an awesome touch from the paid plan.

But – due to the lack of ability to customize offers on the global checkout (replacing WooCommerce default checkout) you’re limited to specifying just 1 offer or upsell in the Global checkout REGARDLESS of what’s in the basket.

For this reason it’s a “narrow” funnel builder – very much like ClickFunnels is.

So if I was looking for a cost effective alternative to ClickFunnels – being a WordPress user, Cartflows would look like a comparable option to WooFunnels.

WooFunnels Aero Checkout vs Funnel Builder

It’s worth clearing up at this point that the WooFunnels Plugin library has had some serious rationalization lately.

Essentially there are now 4 “offerings”

  1. WooFunnels – Funnel Builder
  2. WooFunnels – Optimized Checkout Pages (Aero Checkout)
  3. WooFunnels – One Click Upsells (Upstroke)
  4. WooFunnels – Automations (Autonami)

If you buy the WooFunnels Funnel Builder “Starter” or “Growth” packages you essentially get the WooFunnels Funnel Builder which INCLUDES;

  • Optimized Checkout Pages (Aero Checkout) and
  • One Click Upsells (Upstroke)

If you opt for the “Scale” package of the Funnel Builder, you also get “Automations” (Autonami) which is a full marketing automation suite including emails, SMS and CRM integration – basically replacing your Email Marketing platform like Mailchimp or Klaviyo.

Aero Checkout from WooFunnels basically replaces the default WooCommerce Checkout – but doesn’t have the ability to specify offers on the checkout page or upsells and down sells after checkout.

For the ability to integrate offers into your Checkout you either need to also buy “One Click Upsells” (Upstroke) or just opt for the “Funnel Builder” offer – Starter, Growth or Scale Package.

Aero Checkout will improve your store’s checkout from the default

Funnel Builder will improve your store’s checkout from the default AND will help you drive up sales and average order values by introducing checkout offers (they call them order bumps) and upsells.

Cartflows is Cartflows; a Funnel Builder

In contrast to WooFunnels, Cartflows doesn’t have a separate plugin that JUST focuses on improving the WooCommerce checkout.

But with the small price difference between Aero Checkout and WooFunnels Funnel Builder, it makes sense for users to opt for WooFunnels Funnel builder and get the full advantage of improved checkout and the ability to build checkout offers and offer funnels to drive up revenue.

Verdict: Cartflows vs WooFunnels

We’ve actively used and implemented both WooFunnels and Cartflows.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the quality of the development that’s gone into both.

Cartflows comes out short in it’s offering when compared with WooFunnels as we’ve highlighted with it’s complete lack of rules engine for customizing checkout offers and post checkout upsells and down sells based on cart contents and purchases.

We hands down recommend WooFunnels Funnel Builder to transform your checkout experience, increase conversions, average order value and reduce your ROAS.

What are you waiting for?

Still Convinced About CartFlows?

CartFlows MIGHT be a good fit for you if you’re only trying to replaced ClickFunnels “narrow funnel” functionality.

We really do like CartFlows as a piece of software.

The user interface is really slick.

But, when it comes to typical WooCommerce stores, the WooFunnels Rule Engine for checkout offers and upsells just absolutely knocks it out of the park.

But if you do still want to check out CartFlows, here’s a link


What is CartFlows?

CartFlows is a funnel builder plugin designed for WordPress and WooCommerce. With CartFlows you can create Upsell and Down Sell funnels providing offers to customers in a sequential process of offers they can either accept or reject. Using upsells in a funnel like this is a great way to boost Average Order Value (AOV) on your website.

As discussed here, CartFlows CAN work with a typical WooCommerce store offering multiple products, however it’s better suited to a “single offer” website, such as a coaching program or digital product – not a conventional WooCommerce catalog. In that way, CartFlows is a very effective low cost alternative to ClickFunnels.

What is CartFlows plugin?

The CartFlows plugin is a piece of software designed specifically for the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) the CartFlows plugin is designed by the team behind WP Crafter and the Astra Theme – one of the more popular WordPress themes. CartFlows offer a “Freemium” model, where there’s an entry level plugin available for free from the WordPress plugin Repository. To get access to the essential funnel building features however, you need to sign up for the Pro (paid) level of the plugin.

What is WooFunnels?

WooFunnels is a suite of plugins designed to enhance the cart, checkout and checkout funnel on your WooCommerce store. WooFunnels Aero Checkout is designed specifically to enhance the cart and checkout page to increase conversions. WooFunnels Funnel Builder is a fully fledged sales funnel builder – the higher tier plan of Funnel Builder even includes marketing automation functionality linking in to email marketing and SMS marketing.

WooFunnels Funnel Builder allows you to create a sequence or order bumps or “checkout offers” on the checkout page, followed by upsells and down sells as a customer completes checkout on your WooCommerce store. This is much like CartFlows – however WooFunnels has a superior logic engine that allows you to modify the upsell and down sell offers presented to the customer based on what was in their cart.

This is an essential feature of an effective sales funnel builder for WooCommerce – and WooFunnels is the absolute industry leader in this area of offer customization.

What is a sales funnel system?

A sales funnel system for WooCommerce aims to deliver enhanced conversions at checkout and increased order value from each customer. The sales funnel achieves this by presenting offers, that may be presented as “limited time offers” that can’t be accessed outside the sales funnel. The customer progresses through a sequence of offers during and after checkout which the customer can either choose to accept or reject, meanwhile you’re capturing orders as the customer progresses through the sales funnel.

WooFunnels Funnel Builder higher tier plans take this one step further by also encompassing post checkout offers integrated into follow up emails and SMS text messages. This is full marketing automation of the sales funnel on and off-site.

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