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Is WooCommerce Location Based Products Right For Your Business?

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Back a while ago you could purchase a plugin called Geolocation Based Product Filter for WooCommerce from the WooCommerce Extensions marketplace. This isn’t the case any more – it’s now available on Code Canyon and is likely because it filled a “perceived need” but in reality there are just better ways to use Core WooCommerce to achieve what you’re looking for.

The old documentation page for the original plugin available on the WooCommerce Extensions Marketplace is still kicking around – you can see it here

If yo haven’t already read my article on using WooCommerce for multi-region, multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-warehouse ecommerce businesses you should check it out.

Ultimately the idea of hiding and showing different products for different geographic locations is a “hack” in relation to what it is you’re truly trying to achieve with your WooCommerce store, and likely something someone would suggest after realising they’ve strategically taken the wrong route to internationalise their WooCommerce store.

I mean check out this thread from the official WooCommerce Plugin support over on WordPress.og – pretty much outlines that you’re going to need to take an unsupported plugin and extend it’s functionality to achieve what you want to.

That’s why PLANNING is essential to your eCommerce business growth and internationalisation.

WooCommerce Location Based Products Vs WooCommerce Multisite Network

Ultimately using a WooCommerce and WordPress Multi-site install you can create stores that have specific catalogues targeted at specific regions. Meanwhile you can synchronise certain aspects of each store so you still feel like you’re managing a single store – not multiple eCommerce stores across the globe.

That being said – I’d prefer the slight inconvenience of switching from my “UK Store” to my “US Store” over the complete mind-bender that is having a complete catalogue with bug-filled rules relating to showing certain products based on IP Address (which isn’t fool proof).

I’ll be adding more to this article as we explain why taking this “hiding products in the WooCommerce catalogue based on location” is not going to be the right approach for 99% of cases.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that has the ability to control product visibility in your WooCommerce product catalog based on location – but with that you ALSO get the ability to route orders to different warehouses – which is pretty feature rich.

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