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The 1 Thing YOU need to do to drive traffic to your website…

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Everyone is looking for the single tactic or strategy that’s going to get them launched into the next phase of business and website growth.

We’re in search of less, when wanting more. We want things simple and easy to manage, control and implement. This is understandable, and why the title of this blog article begins with “The One Thing YOU need to do…”

Having a single thing to focus on is awesome. You can pour your heart and soul into the tactic or strategy and measure progress easily. So today I’m going to reveal to you the 1 thing you need to do to drive traffic to your eCommerce website.

The One Thing You Need to Focus on to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon FBA Product

The Answer: A little of Everything…

OK so I’ve lost most of the audience at this point. Come back, it’s nowhere near as bad as it sounds!

In fact, there’s a tactical advantage for anyone who sticks around whilst the rest of the would-be readers head off to find the non-existent “1 thing” being touted by some fly-by-night Guru.

Let’s start at the beginning…

When systems, platforms, processes, rules are first established, they’re unrefined.

They can be gamed, scammed and manipulated.

As these systems, like algorithms, refine, many of these loopholes are closed and manipulation becomes all-but impossible from a effort-reward standpoint. (not enough reward for the effort)

When systems, algorithms and processes start out – “1 tactic” can often enough be a substantial driver of results.

As things mature, different tactics become dominant until we reach a level of maturity where it’s unclear what the “one thing” is any more.

At this point, we need to have balance.

Striking balance with a system is a complex dance of servicing and not neglecting multiple tactics, components and even strategies to get results out of the system as a whole.

As a result, many businesses and entrepreneurs see this new mature system as “unwieldy” or simply “too much effort for not enough reward”.

Being an Expert at Everything is TOUGH

I get it.

Having to be an expert in every digital marketing topic under the sun just to keep things moving, growing or even standing still isn’t easy – and it’s expensive if you have to build and manage that team of experts.

However, if you can establish balance, delivering consistent results and nurturing the system whilst other do neglect, you have the opportunity to stand head and shoulders above the rest as the differences compound over time.

By the time your competition realise you’re getting results from a strategy or tactic, they won’t understand how or why and it might simply be too costly for them to even try and catch up.

Mature systems force the growth of mature businesses with well rounded strategies

These systems, platforms and algorithms also leave the “1 tactic” chasers jumping from shiny object to shiny object. Never really making any headway.

eCommerce businesses are complex. They demand complex traffic and conversion tactics and strategies.

Complexity can be a good thing. There’s less competition where complexity resides.

in 2019 and certainly going forward into 2020 eCommerce businesses need to have a strategy to innovate – in some cases just to catch up.

You need a “fresh” traffic strategy to fill your funnel – but that on it’s own isn’t good enough

You need a retargeting and remarketing strategy to smooth the sides of your funnel – that on it’s own isn’t good enough

You need a customer retention and loyalty strategy to maximise AOV and LCV – that on it’s own isn’t good enough

You need a customer referral strategy to maximise organic growth and DIRECT Traffic growth – that again, on it’s own isn’t good enough.

Is email the answer? Yes, AND…

Multi-channel retargeting? Yes, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Shopping, Google Display Network, TikTok and more, and…

Cart value boosters and upsells? Yes, AND…

Win back campaigns? Yes, AND…

Abandoned cart campaigns? Yes, AND…

Bought X not Y campaigns? Yes, AND a bunch of other specific tactics that help maximise the value of getting a customer onboard, turning them into a long-term customer and getting them to help you find your next customer.

This whole system works together.

Like one big machine.

Throw traffic in.

Convert AS MUCH of that traffic as possible.

Get more orders from those customers.

Get more CUSTOMERS from those customers – adding more leads to the top of the funnel like a self-propelling machine.

It’s a SYSTEM Like a Living Organism

No one part of this entire system is going to “save your eCommerce business”

No ONE part of this collection of tactics is responsible for your profit.

It’s like a living organism that’s dependent on each and every organ to deliver the results.

But here’s the kicker, and maybe where I win back some of the original “click baited” readers.

If you’re looking for “1 thing” to start doing today, it’s focus on TRAFFIC.

Don’t Starve The System – Feed it Traffic

Without traffic flowing into the top of your funnel, the rest of the system is starved of opportunity to excel, grow and perform.

Whether it’s paid awareness campaigns or content marketing, traffic flowing in the top of the funnel is ESSENTIAL.

But traffic alone isn’t the answer.

You need to build the system.

You need to do everything.

For that reason eCommerce is getting exciting.

Mature systems, platforms and algorithms are breeding mature businesses who are true innovators and implementers of best practices at every stage of the sales funnel.

Which are you?

A platform hopper, jumping from shiny object (silver bullets) to shiny object or a mature innovator who’s going to master the system and make it work for you and your business?

Here’s a 9 step guide on how to get started with your own high traffic asset which can pay for itself!

By Ashley Pearce

I'm the founder of Future State Media, a "small-on-purpose" creator-focused SEO agency skilled in helping creators systematically generate traffic, build audiences and maximise their monetisation whilst staying true to their brand.