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Shopify vs Amazon FBA

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In this post I’m going to get deep into comparing Amazon FBA with Shopify from a bunch of different perspectives. I’m going to cover the critical aspects of the Amazon FBA and Shopify business model both as individual businesses and also for YOU as a business using these platforms to generate eCommerce sales.

I’ll also cover off some thoughts on the future of Amazon FBA and where Shopify is going on it’s growth path – there are already some pretty interesting perspectives on this out there, so I’ll be looking to bring a few of those thoughts on whether Shopify or Amazon FBA will win-out as the superior business model – or whether there’s space for everyone in the market.

I’ll also briefly touch on the fact that a previous gap in Shopify’s offering in comparison with Amazon FBA was it’s lack of a fulfilment network. The Shopify Fulfilment Network now brings it a step closer to parity and comparability with Amazon FBA.

I’ll be answering some tough questions such as:

  • How much does it really cost to sell on Shopify vs Amazon FBA?
  • Is selling on Shopify easier than selling on Amazon?
  • Is it possible to sell on Shopify AND Amazon at the same time without cannibalizing sales and losing customers?
  • How much does traffic cost on Shopify vs Amazon?

Plus a bunch of other questions such as:

  • Is Shopify better than Amazon?
  • Which is better Amazon FBA or Shopify Fulfilment Network?
  • Does Amazon use Shopify?
  • Is Shopify a competitor of Amazon?
  • Can you use Amazon FBA with Shopify?

I’ll be diving into the pros and cons of each business so whether you’re thinking about investing in their stock – or starting a business on their marketplace or platform, you’ll be well placed to make the right call about which business is right for you – Amazon FBA or Shopify…

Stay tuned

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By Ashley Pearce

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