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How to Remove Built with Storefront designed by WooCommerce

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Disabling or hiding built with storefront & WooCommerce footer credits from the Storefront Theme with WooCommerce isn’t quite as easy as it should be “out of the box”.

There’s not a tick box you can check to say “hide storefront theme footer credits” that prevents them from displaying…

Hide built with Storefront & WooCommerce footer credits using Powerpack Plugin

That is unless you get the “Powerpack Extension” from the WooCommerce plugin marketplace.

If you do get this extension, this is one of it’s many features.

Simply untick the box that says:

“Display credit link
Toggle the Storefront/WooThemes credit link in the footer.”

As per the image below:

Storefront hide footer credits

Powerpack allows you to remove the default Footer Credits from the Storefront theme, whilst also allowing you to change the footer copyright text in the footer to something that suits you.

Powerpack adds lots of options and customization to the existing Theme Customizer in WordPress – the ability to remove the Footer Credit is only a very small piece of functionality – and if this is all you’re trying to do in terms of customizing the design of the Storefront theme, this plugin could be more than a little excessive!

Find out more about what Powerpack can do in terms of completely customizing WooCommerce with Storefront by heading over to the Powerpack plugin page at


Use Additional CSS to remove the Storefront Theme Footer Credit

In the Theme Customizer simply head to Additional CSS and paste the following CSS code into the box:

.site-info {
display: none;

This will disable the Storefront Footer Credits in the theme and you can go about designing your WooCommerce store.

We don’t like adding custom code to ANY part of our WooCommerce builds – and that doesn’t mean we recommend having a million plugins to help you customize WooCommerce.

Instead our suggestion is to work with a feature rich theme and a really well supported set of plugins – and to be VERY critical about WHY you’re asking for certain levels of customization. Some features of design elements may seem valuable to you, but if they don’t deliver true value for the customer – and ultimately increased sales, revenue and profit for you – they’re a complete waste of time.

If you do add custom CSS we suggest marking up all of the CSS so you know EXACTLY what each piece you add does.

Marking up Additional CSS

To mark up CSS simply add the following line of code above the CSS you paste into the Additional CSS box:

/*Removes Default Footer Credits*/

So the whole code would look like this:

/*Removes Default Footer Credits*/
.site-info {
display: none;

And that’s it – you’ve removed the Storefront Theme Footer Credits and you’ve marked up your CSS correctly for future reference.

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