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How to increase sales on Amazon FBA Marketplace

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If you’ve been selling on Amazon for 5 minutes, or even just reading about selling on Amazon, you’ll have picked up at least one thing (I hope) – in order to get organic sales on Amazon, you need to rank for worthwhile keywords in the A9 Algorithm. In order to rank, you need…. sales on Amazon. So this is either a catch 22 OR a virtuous cycle. Because the answer to the question “How to increase amazon sales” is quite seriously, generate some sales on Amazon.

Most sellers would refer to this as “Amazon product launch” as essentially, you’re promoting a product on Amazon (and off Amazon) to stimulate every sale you can which will in turn increase your organic ranking which will result in “natural or organic” sales from customers searching for products on Amazon.

If you’re a seasoned Amazon seller looking to get to the juice of the article – the above is beyond simplistic, it’s a law of nature. So I shall crack on!

If you’re new to Amazon eCommerce and you’re researching how to start an Amazon FBA business and how to start selling products on Amazon – you should check out this guide to selling on Amazon we wrote first.

10 Ways to increase sales on Amazon for Amazon Sellers in 2021

Search Find Buy Amazon purchases and rebates

If you’ve not been bombarded with the message that Search Find Buy is a superior Keyword Ranking method on Amazon – I’m not entirely sure where you’ve been.

Although I’m a sceptic of most Amazon Hacks drummed up by some Amazon Guru, I can say that I’ve seen pretty compelling data and generated small amounts of my own compelling data to suggest that this methodology is one of the most potent keyword ranking mechanisms on Amazon. That doesn’t mean to say that other keyword ranking tactics don’t work. 2 Step URLs still have keyword ranking power along with a bunch of the more established tactics, some of which I’ll go into more detail in below.

Search Find Buy is most typically administered through a Chatbot but that doesn’t mean to say that’s the only communication tool that’s available for Search Find Buy campaigns.

It’s also possible to run Search Find Buy campaigns with email and landing pages to provide instructions to customers – and most savvy Amazon discount hunters are very familiar with the process these days.

Find out more about How to use Search Find Buy, which Search Find Buy Tools and Search Find Buy Ranking services you can use to improve rank on Amazon.


Great for Keyword Ranking


Not entirely TOS compliant and likely to have it’s impact curtailed by an A9 update at some point

Amazon Vouchers

These feel pretty old school now, as they’ve been around for a little while.

The positive impact of using vouchers, particularly during launch is that you get more visibility for your listing. I don’t mean “you get an orange or green badge” I mean, your product listing actually appears on more pages on Amazon.

If you go to an Amazon website today and navigate to the “Coupons” page – you’ll see the coupons / vouchers that are currently active today. Check out the coupons page on Amazon

This page gets a lot of traffic – and as a result, your product gets a bunch of visibility.

Although there’s no data to conclusively argue the point, I would wager that the MAJORITY of sales you get against a voucher (coupon) promotion that you setup in Amazon Seller Central are actually generated by Amazon customers visiting this “Coupons” page as opposed to people searching for your keywords and clicking through to your listing. It just makes sense that this would be the case.


Easy to setup with no overhead to manage


Impact on keyword rank likely to be minimal

More coming soon!

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