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How To Hide Uncategorized Category In WooCommerce?

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Many WooCommerce themes provide you the option to “hide empty categories” for both “post categories” and “Product Categories”. Divi, our recommended theme does this!

However, some WooCommerce themes don’t provide quite this level of control to automatically remove empty post or product categories.

Deleting uncategorized category in WooCommerce

Remove Uncategorized from WooCommerce Product Categories

So if you want to remove the uncategorized product category from WooCommerce completely so it’s not just hidden, but deleted, follow these steps.

Steps to remove uncategorized from WooCommerce

Step 1. Change the default product category

Go to the Product Category list in WooCommerce, hover over the category in the list you’d like to make the “default” product category.

Whilst hovering an option to “make default” should appear – select this option.

The default product category is now changed to a different category, allowing you to…

Step 2. Delete the Uncategorized Product Category in WooCommerce

On the Product Category list within WooCommerce a Hover over the Uncategorized Product Category and click “Delete”

The delete option is ONLY available IF you’ve made another Product Category the Default Product Category.

It’s not possible to delete the default Product Category in WooCommerce – so you need to follow these steps.

Other Resources

If you’re also wondering how to remove uncategorized category in WordPress – you should check out my guide on deleting uncategorized from WordPress post categories.

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