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WooCommerce Forum Support & Facebook Groups WooCommerce 101

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When you’re trying to find community support for WooCommerce you maybe wondering where to turn. Here’s a list of the best place to go to find WooCommerce forum type support from the community of store owners, users and developers.

There’s a mix of resources – so pick the one that suits you best based on your level of capability in WooCommerce and WordPress.

If you’re not a developer, many of the WooCommerce Facebook groups are really practical in terms of real store owner to store owner support.

But be aware, advice you receive in Facebook Groups isn’t always the best!

If you’re looking for support on a WooCommerce issue – for example plugin selection, you can send me an email at “[email protected]” and I’ll share what we know on the options – we’ve come across MANY!

But if you’re looking for “self service” WooCommerce Help from a WooCommerce Forum here are your best options…

Support Forums for WooCommerce & Facebook Groups for WooCommerce Help

The Official WooCommerce Slack Channel

Might not be your thing, but it’s a good place to start and interact with other Woo users – tendency is for there to be a developer led community here so be aware you might be fishing in the wrong pool if your WooCommerce knowledge is very limited

Advanced WooCommerce Facebook Group

WooCommerce UK Facebook Group

Although it says “UK” it’s not actually limited to UK users – and is a great source of intermediate and beginner level support

WooCommerce Help & Share Facebook Group

Does what it says on the tin

WooCommerce Build & Grow Facebook Group

Mixture of advanced to “beginner” store builders

WordPress WooCommerce Facebook Group

Hit and miss, can be random

WooCommerce Forum

Check out

Future state media runs an exclusive support forum for eCommerce entrepreneurs who use WooCommerce to power their online store.

It’s NOT for developers – unless you’re a developer who classes themselves as an eCommerce entrepreneur first and foremost.

It’s application only – and we’re very selective about who we invite into our WooCommerce Forum for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs.

What sort of WordPress WooCommerce Support do you need?

It’s really important to ask yourself what sort of WordPress WooCommerce Support you actually need.

Support for USING WooCommerce (setup & options configuration)

If you’re trying to USE the core functionality of WooCommerce – the WooCommerce documentation on the WooCommerce website is second to none.

Read the WooCommerce instructions and adjust the settings on your WooCommerce store following their guides on using WooCommerce.

Support for using WooCommerce Extensions & Plugins (setup & options configuration)

There are many plugins out there that help enhance the functionality of your WordPress with WooCommerce store.

We only recommend a handful – and we can also say from experience we can build fast and feature rich sites with less than 30 plugins in total. That’s a REALLY feature rich website.

If you’re trying to get support in setting up WooCommerce plugins and extensions – my FIRST recommendation is to go to the plugin developers’ website and read through their documentation – if the answer isn’t clear, submit a support request or raise a support ticket with them through their website.

Many plugin developers opt to use the plugin repository’s built-in support forum to handle support requests. When this is the case, you can submit your query there – and better still you can search the support forum to see if anyone else had the same question about how to configure the plugin.

Support for changing the way your WooCommerce Store LOOKS

This one is a minor bug-bear for me as plenty of WooCommerce users don’t distinguish between:

  • WooCommerce functionality
  • WordPress functionality
  • Visual appearance of their website driven by their THEME
  • Extended functionality of WordPress & WooCommerce through Plugins

I’ll add more as they become relevant

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