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This Is Unicorn Select Future State Media as SEO Partner

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The ‘Future’ & ‘Unicorns’ An Obvious Partnership

There are some partnerships that just appear obvious when they’re put together, and we feel this is one of those! This Is Unicorn, a London and Barcelona based Amazon Account Management and Amazon Ads Marketing Agency are growing an unstoppable reputation offline, delivering exceptional results for their impressive client roster.

Now This Is Unicorn want to deliver an online strategy for their website that packs the same authoritative punch as their client results in winning further clients and providing an even wider array of services.

Future State Media is therefore extremely proud and excited to announce our ongoing working relationship supporting their internal content driven marketing strategy with technical Google SEO. This Is Unicorn, masters of the Amazon A9 Algorithm recognise the importance of Algorithm specific knowledge and have appointed Future State Media, with our expertise in the Google Search Algorithm to deliver the authoritative boost that their London and Barcelona based startup deserves.

We’ve Got A Vision For The Long Term

Working together we’ve established targets with a long term view to deliver a successful SEO strategy that will ultimately bring qualified traffic in from Google Search and other text based search engines.

SEO these days, even technical SEO is highly reliant on collaboration with complementary or adjacent industry authorities, therefore we will be securing podcast appearances for This Is Unicorn to help them get their true value out into the world.

A Growing Need For Reliable Service Providers In The Amazon FBA Space

With Amazon Account Management and Amazon PPC Management becoming a more heavily specialised skillset, there is an increasing need for agencies that can reliably handle and scale profitable campaigns on the global Amazon Marketplaces.

Reliable service providers who are not only deploying processes, but adapting and evolving processes in a fast paced ever changing landscape is essential. The battle for a wide array of experience and data is on amongst agencies and freelancers. I know who my money is on to win out of those who grow their portfolio and knowledge, vs those who stand still. This Is Unicorn aren’t just growing, they’re galloping on their horn laden steed!

About This Is Unicorn

From their website:

We help Amazon Sellers & Vendors like you to harness the power of the platform for growth.

With over 5 years experience as Amazon Sellers ourselves, our clients value our in-depth knowledge and expertise, love our personal approach to understanding their brand and trust us to grow their sales successfully.

This Is Unicorn was founded by Elise Jackson, a brand owner and successful Amazon Seller. They’re fully justified in describing themselves as An Amazon Agency Founded by a Brand Owner for Brands.

Already a part of the ‘Amazon Service Provider Network’, they have an established expertise with hands-on in-depth knowledge of what it takes to be successful in retailing products and marketing a brand successfully on Amazon.

Ashley Pearce, Founder of Future State Media had this to comment

“It’s exciting to be helping Elise and her team on this Journey, with an ever growing business in terms of client roster and team member headcount I know there’s so much room to grow in authority online and REALLY get the attention that This Is Unicorn deserves. Let’s get to work!”

If you’d like to find out more about This Is Unicorn, head on over to where you can even grab yourself a FREE Amazon Brand Audit!

By Ashley Pearce

I'm the founder of Future State Media, a "small-on-purpose" creator-focused SEO agency skilled in helping creators systematically generate traffic, build audiences and maximise their monetisation whilst staying true to their brand.