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How To Remove Divi Logo – Delete & Replace Divi Logo

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You’re definitely not the first person to wonder how to remove the Divi logo installed by default when you install the Divi WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes. Neither will be you be the last person who’s eager to get rid of the Divi logo!

The exact same process can be applied to the Extra Theme by Elegant Themes too – so if you’re trying to remove the Extra logo from the Extra WordPress Theme follow these steps.

How to change the logo in Divi Theme

How to get rid of Divi logo and replace with your logo

We love Divi – I’ll lead with that just so you know where we stand on the Divi theme as a whole.


Some of the nuances like where to upload the logo to the Divi Theme feel slightly strange if you’re new to Divi.

The good news is, once you have Divi you’ll never EVER need another WordPress theme – it can literally be used to build ANYTHING you want. So this minor navigation and setting layout hiccup dwindles into insignificance very quickly.

Conventionally, other WordPress themes allow you to change the overall website logo in the “Theme Customizer” settings under a heading like “Site Identity” or “Header”.

With the Divi theme, you don’t change the logo in the Theme Customizer (however you can change the Site Icon in “General Settings > Site Identity” – this is basically the small icon that will show up in your Chrome Tabs at the top of the Chrome Browser.

Changing the logo in Divi is done in the “Theme Options” secrtion

If you go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard

Then navigate to the “Divi” section on the left hand side

Then select “Theme Options” from the pop-out menu

You’ll arrive at the “Divi Theme Options” settings page

Literally the first setting, on the FIRST page of the Divi Theme Options is the Website Logo upload area

By default the Divi Theme logo comes uploaded on the site, so in order to change the Divi logo, replacing the Divi logo with your own – you need to upload and select your own Website Logo.

Once you’ve done this you’ll have got rid of the Divi logo – it won’t appear on the front end of the site any more.

Instead, your Website logo will appear in the header of website as per your header layout settings.

How to add logo to Divi theme

In the very same area of the setting that you got rid of the logo in Divi, you have the option to upload your own logo to Divi.

Once you select your logo from the media files, or upload a new logo to the website and select it from the available files your logo will now appear on the front end of the website for general visitors.

How to get rid of Extra logo and replace with your logo

This is quite literally the EXACT same process as above, but instead of going to the “Divi” section in the WordPress Admin Dashboard you’ll go to the “Extra” section and select Theme Options – once again you’ll replace the Extra Logo with your own and you’re done!

That wasn’t so hard was it?

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