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How to duplicate a page, post or product in WordPress & WooCommerce

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If you’re trying to build a WordPress site or WooCommerce Store efficiently, the need to duplicate a product page, blog post or WordPress page is one of the EASIEST wins you’ll find.

Build it once, duplicate or copy the awesome page design and content and start your edits with a huge head start.

The great news is, this is damn easy to achieve, even for non-developers or simply code allergic builders of WooCommerce stores and WordPress sites.

Duplicate or Copy a WordPress Page using a plugin

Put simply, there’s a leading plugin in the world of page, post, or product duplication – it will copy your WordPress page, post, or product page at the click of a button!

Here’s your secret weapon for a boost in your WordPress website building efficiency:

Duplicate Page is the name of the plugin in question which enables you to copy a page with just one simple click. Here are some of the following key components  that make the plugin unique from the rest:

  1. Can decide where to copy link
  2. Redirection when you click on the copy link
  3. Option of adding both prefix and suffix’s to blog posts
  4. Can change duplicate post link title
  5. Use of filters to show option of duplicating pages in post types
  6. Choose certain types of status to be registered to duplicate post

Why it’s important to duplicate a WordPress page or post

Efficiency. It’s all about efficiency.

When you’ve established a post styling standard, or landing page design – recreating that from scratch each time is a WASTE of your time.

Creating a standard template for Blog posts, Product pages (in WooCommerce) and Pages in WordPress is possible – duplicating those pages, products or posts to give you a huge head start is a way of driving efficiency into managing, expanding and developing your WordPress site or WooCommerce store.

How to duplicate pages or posts in WordPress & WooCommerce

Plugins are the bread and butter of this process as you cannot just simply copy and paste content as important images, SEO, posts and other variants won’t pull through or can be negatively affected. Please see below the steps involved to duplicate a typical WordPress page, post or WooCommerce product using plugins.

Just want to duplicate the content of the page? Maybe you just need to copy the content – not duplicate the post or page as below:

Duplicating WordPress page or post content without a plugin

When on Gutenberg editor, you proceed to “More tools and options” settings and click “Copy all content” button as you can on the below screenshot.

After clicking “Copy all content” and then you click paste on the new page you want the original information on, you have the following on the below screenshot:

It should be noted that you can copy as much written content as you want, but it won’t copy photos or videos as you have to upload them manually to your duplicate written content.

In addition, as mentioned above this was used on Gutenberg editor, however, my fellow readers should know that this is not just limited to that specific editor as you can use the classic editor as an example by copying the entire HTML code from the page, which would result in you to paste it onto the new pages.

Duplicating a page or post using a WordPress Plugin

As I mentioned before, Duplicate Page is one of, if not the most popular plugin used amongst WordPress users.

As you can see from the screenshot below you can install and activate Duplicate Page like any other typical WordPress plugin. You go to Plugin on the left-hand side option bar, click Add New located underneath it, and then you type in Duplicate Page on the search bar that says “Search plugins in it” which is located on the top right-hand side of the page.

It says “Deactivate” below because I’ve already activated it. But if it hasn’t already been done, it will say “activate” or “reactivate”.

After following that process, you may go to settings on the left-hand side toolbar, and then click “Duplicate Page”:

Choose Editor – Allows you to pick your preferred option which can be Gutenburg or Classic Editor.

Duplicate Post Status – Allows you to choose Draft, Publish, Private or Pending when it comes to your duplicate post.

Redirect to after click on “Duplicate This” link – Once Duplicate Post is activated your posts will have a link called “Duplicate this”. The option chosen will determine your redirection path once the link has been clicked. The options are All Pages list or edit page of the duplicated page.

Duplicate post suffix – Lets you exercise the option of adding a suffix (original – copy). Or in other words it helps differentiate between the original version and copy.

REMINDER: This entire process can work with other plugins as the principle is the same and is not specifically limited to Duplicate Post.

Process for Duplicating a page with a plugin

Once the above has been complete you can now start duplicating the page. Below I have chosen to duplicate the “About” page.

After hovering over the page title, there will be a “Duplicate This” option that appears. Click this to create a duplicate page as a draft.

If you struggle to differentiate between the duplicate and original, you can add a suffix to it to make it easier to identify with in the plugin settings.

How to duplicate a WordPress Post using a plugin

Duplicating a post in WordPress is ultimately the same process as duplicating a page.

The only difference is, as you can see from the above screenshot, you go onto Posts instead of Pages this time. I have decided to duplicate my article of choice which is “Methods to change the Number of WooCommerce Products Displayed Per Page”.

Other popular plugins for duplicating WordPress pages

Yoast Duplicate Post


  1. Plugin allows users to clone posts of any type to new drafts for further editing
  2. While viewing a post as a logged-in user you can click on “Copy to a new draft” in the admin bar
  3. You can use a template tag which means you can put that in your template resulting in being able to clone your posts and/or pages on the front end.
  4. You can check on and/or their development documents online as they are always updating their useful settings in terms of customising the plugin’s behaviour

Duplicate Post Page Menu & Custom Post Type


  1. Can create multiple duplicate entries of single posts and pages relating to different formats such as specific products, coupons, tickets, events, and more.
  2. One post and one-click can literally create as many entries as you want for the same post
  3. It is also easy to configure/ get used to as the developers have tried to make it as less complex as possible
  4. The plugin uses Ajax for duplicating posts/pages which means no more browser freezing due to large data
  5. If you want to go premium you get the option of adding prefixes & suffixes, can change duplicate link post title and can change status after duplication

WP Post Page Clone


  1. Can clone posts and pages with all the content and settings within just one click
  2. Has support from multiple browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and more

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