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Best WooCommerce Side Cart Plugin To Replace Cart Page

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A Side Cart completely transforms the look and feel of your WooCommerce store.

Instead of a default WooCommerce cart page you’re essentially replacing a page with a slide out panel which looks and feels awesome.

This provides customers with the ability to quickly review what’s in their cart whilst REMAINING on the page they’re currently on.

This speeds up and enhances the shopping process – unlike sending someone to an actual “cart page”

Best Side Cart for WooCommerce Plugin

This article contains affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission if you purchase plugins and services we mention at no extra cost to you. We only recommend the best plugins and services – which we have used and can recommend.

What does a Side Cart look like in WooCommerce?

The term “side cart” isn’t necessarily all that commonplace – but it should be! (and shortly will be). If you’re completely new to the idea of Side Carts for WooCommerce and you’re wondering what the heck they look like, here are a couple of examples!

CartPops Side Cart Example (Recommended Side Cart Plugin)

xootix Side Cart Example

Sell MORE with a WooCommerce Side Cart

Further to that – using a top WooCommerce Side Cart Plugin you can add Upsell, Cross sell and incentives to the slide out side cart.

For example:

  • Show customers how much more they need to spend to get free shipping
  • Show shoppers products they might be interested in based on what’s in their shopping basket
  • Give shoppers the option to continue shopping or go straight to checkout

Our favourite Sidecart plugin right now is this one from CartPops – IT’S AMAZING at keeping the checkout process slick and reducing page load in WooCommerce (ultimately making the whole checkout user experience faster!)

It’s both a bargain AND highly compatible with other themes and plugins

We use the Side Cart for WooCommerce plugin from CartPops in combination with WooFunnels Aero Checkout and WooFunnels Funnel Builder – the Best WooCommerce Checkout Plugin and WooCommerce Upsell Plugins on the planet.

Other Noteworthy Mentions – Side Cart Plugins for WooCommerce

We have previously recommended and used Xootix’s Side Cart for WooCommerce Side Cart Plugin. We still recommend this plugin, however as you will know if you’ve read any of our content on selecting plugins for your WooCommerce store – we choose DEVELOPERS – NOT Plugins.

CartPops are by far the most engaged and forward thinking developers in the area of Side Carts for WooCommerce.

For that reason we know we’re going to get maximum compatibility between our plugins – and fast paced updates to keep up with WooCommerce.

Remember – it’s not the number of plugins, it’s the number of DEVELOPERS that matters – minimise the number of developer’s your tech stack relies on and you’ll avoid needing to fix WooCommerce after plugin updates!

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