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Amazon Search Find Buy – How to use it

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Search Find Buy has now long been established as a superior ranking tool in the Amazon Seller Tools list. That being said, is it really a Tool for Amazon Sellers?

Maybe a mechanism is a better description of Search Find Buy – but ultimately, the goal is to improve Amazon Keyword Ranking by getting customers to mimic natural shopping behaviours on Amazon to send the right signals to the Amazon A9 Algorithm.

Search Find Buy breaks down into these simple steps from the customers’ perspective:

  1. They SEARCH for the keyword you want to rank for in the Amazon Search box
  2. They FIND your product from the list of all products available on Amazon that already rank for that keyword
  3. They BUY your product giving you a sale against the keyword they searched for

This is essentially the type of behaviour an organic or “typical” Amazon customer would exhibit if they were browsing and purchasing from Amazon.

If you’re brand new to selling on Amazon, and are just asking yourself how to sell on Amazon, this topic might feel a bit advanced. Be warned however, even though this looks advanced – this has become pretty standard and isn’t a tactic that puts you ahead of the competition – in most niches it’s a tactic that will help you KEEP UP with the competition. So don’t park this one for future reference, build the cost into your P and L!

Search Find Buy

This article contains affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission if you purchase plugins and services we mention at no extra cost to you. We only recommend the best plugins and services – which we have used and can recommend.

Does Search Find Buy Work?

Anecdotally we can personally attest to the fact that we’ve seen actual data that demonstrates keyword ranking improvement as a result of getting customers to Search-Find-Buy on Amazon.

If you’re looking for real evidence and data of Search Find Buy working – a Google search is less than useless.

I’ve seen screenshots and various Facebook posts professing that SFB (Search Find Buy) has completely changed the game in terms of Keyword Ranking, but as with many things, when it comes to selling on Amazon, there’s a lot of hot air and not always a lot of data to back up the game. I’d say this is the OPPOSITE of what you find when it comes to affiliate marketing, some great case studies from Jon Dykstra and Spencer Haws are great examples of guys being open with REAL data.

Anecdotally, I can support the idea that Search Find Buy works – and in terms of comparison with other types of keyword ranking mechanisms on Amazon, EcomCrew put together a great table in this blog post, saying that Search Find Buy was “Very Effective” which was the highest rating out of all mechanisms they reviewed.

How To Use Search Find Buy to Rank on Amazon

Asking customers to search for a keyword on Amazon, find your Amazon Product Listing and then purchase your product isn’t a simple request.

Because of the added complication for the customer, you’re going to need to incentivise them to go the extra mile.

You’re also going to have to provide REALLY clear instructions to prevent these customers from compromising your keyword ranking instead of improving it!

So to make Search Find Buy work the most popular approach involves:

  • Rebates: Rebating the customer to incentivise them to do the extra work
  • Chatbots: Messenger Chatbot conversations to clearly explain requirements in short burst of 2-way conversation

Search Find Buy Tools

There are a bunch of tools necessary to run Search Find Buy Keyword Ranking Campaigns on Amazon.

There are of course Amazon Ranking or Amazon Product Launch Services which will run Search Find Buy Campaigns on your behalf to establish keyword ranking for existing or new products you’re trying to rank on Amazon.

Here’s a list of Amazon Search Find Buy Tools & Services…

Boost Rooster Search Find Buy, Rebate Automation & Anti-Scammer Tool

We recommend Boost Rooster for running Search Find Buy campaigns.

Boost Rooster integrates with ManyChat which then allows you to run Facebook Messenger Ads.

Running a ManyChat Chatbot Flow you can then instruct customers on how to Search Find Buy your product – including which keyword they should search for.

Boost Rooster then helps Automate the Rebate process once customers have purchased your product.

When it comes to running ads offering steep discounts or rebates, it’s relatively easy to get scammed by buyers – so Boost Rooster also assists in verifying that customers have ACTUALLY purchased your product with order number verification.

Boost Rooster offer a 14 Day Free Trial – you can sign up and try out Boost Rooster here.

Use code 10OFF to get 10% off Boost Rooster

Seller Chatbot Rebate Flow

Seller Chatbot is a Chatbot tool but the guys at Seller Chatbot have been pretty clever in integrating this Facebook Messenger chatbot tool with order verification tools.

You can check out Seller Chatbot Rebate Flow here.

You Need Traffic for Search Find Buy

Search Find Buy isn’t a traffic source in and of itself.

The most popular way to implement Search Find Buy is with Facebook Chatbots – therefore it’s also logical that many Amazon Sellers choose to drive traffic to their Amazon product offer using Facebook Ads.

In truth you can actually use a ChatBot system built into a landing page on your website or just the automated chatbot system on your Facebook page to initiate a Search Find Buy offer.

You don’t NEED to run Facebook ads for Search Find Buy – it’s just the quickest traffic source (not the most cost effective).

I wrote an epic list of external to Amazon traffic sources and how to drive traffic to Amazon listings that I constantly update – you can read it here.

By Ashley Pearce

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