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Amazon Product in a post plugin for Embedding Products in WordPress Posts

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If you want to monetize your blog or you’re building an Amazon Affiliate Site or niche site, you have a few options when it comes to adding Amazon Products to blog posts and pages. The Amazon Associates Program itself provides a solution, and then there are a bunch of third party Amazon Affiliate Plugins and more general affiliate plugins for adding affiliate links to posts.

So here’s how to add Amazon Affiliate links to WordPress blog posts and pages…

Options for adding Amazon Products to WordPress Blog Posts

Use SiteStripe – provided by Amazon Associates Program

SiteStripe is free – which is great

But it doesn’t deeply integrate with your WordPress site – instead you’re provided links and Javascript to embed images and links on your WordPress blog post.

SiteStripe DOESN’T require you to have access to the Amazon API 5.0, which is another great reason to use it from day 1 as an Amazon Affiliate.

Use the Amazon Product in a post plugin

This plugin is pretty basic in functionality and your styling options are limited.

In my opinion it makes your nice looking WordPress site look a little dated – so it’s an ok solution.

It’s free to download from the plugin repository here

Using the Amazon Advertising API you can connect your WordPress niche site to your Amazon Associates account using the Amazon Product in a post plugin which is a positive in it’s favour.

Use the BETTER Option – Amalinks Pro for inserting Amazon Affiliate Links

Amalinks Pro is an AMAZING Amazon Affiliate plugin for inserting links, product boxes, tables and displaying Amazon products in a conversion optimized way on your blog.

This Amazon Affiliate Link plugin literally pays for itself in no time – it’s the plugin we use on ALL of our Niche Websites.

Check it out here – or click the banner below:

AmaLinks Pro

In our opinion Amalinks Pro is the best all round WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin – check it out

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