When it comes to customising the WooCommerce Product Page with the Gutenberg Editor it’s nowhere near as “straightforward” as it should be (and probably will be far easier in the future).

This is because by default Gutenberg isn’t enabled for Product Pages in WooCommerce.

So the suggestion by many is to “insert a piece of code” which enables Gutenberg Editor on WooCommerce Product Pages.

This is an “OK” suggestion – but we HATE editing code with a passion. Don’t go near WooCommerce product page css or template files! We REALLY don’t like it – and it’s a slippery slope when you start adding bits and pieces here and there which cause all sorts of mayhem when managing conflicts and updates in WooCommerce sites.

PLUS if you do this, it still means that you don’t have control over the FULL page container. Instead, you’re limited to the page container provided by the underlying page template. With WooCommerce Storefront Theme, this means the Sidebar is visible on the Product Page (which in our opinion is the worst part about the Storefront Theme, potentially a purposeful move by WooCommerce to try and get you to buy their “Storefront Extensions bundle” which allows you the level of control over the Storefront theme that is ACTUALLY needed).

But there is an answer that goes beyond the WooCommerce Extensions Marketplace when it comes to using Gutenberg for Product Pages in WooCommerce!


Editing Product Page with Gutenberg Editor in WooCommerce – WooBuilder

WooBuilder by PootlePress overcomes this shortfall not only for the Storefront Theme but for any theme you’re using for your WooCommerce store.

This means if you have a sensible theme that allows you to disable the sidebar on product pages in WooCommerce as standard (unlike the Storefront theme!) you can use WooBuilder to design your entire product page using Gutenberg Blocks and any additional blocks that your third party plugins or the WooCommerce Blocks plugin have added to your Gutenberg Block Options.


We like it.

It’s a little pricey.

But for the added functionality it’s worth it in many cases.

Editing WooCommerce Product Page may be built in to WooCommerce in future?

It’s also highly likely that Automattic (the guys behind WooCommerce and WordPress) will be bringing the Gutenberg Editor to WooCommerce

Does it make us want to use the Free Storefront Theme from WooCommerce in combination with the Gutenberg Editor for Product Pages?

Not really selling us on the idea – especially when we use the best theme for WooCommerce stores ever, which is Divi by Elegant Themes.

With a built in page builder that can be used on ALL WordPress post types, including WooCommerce Product Pages with customisable page templates built in the page builder too! No knowledge of code is required and you can have an extremely custom looking, feeling and functioning WooCommerce store.

Check out Divi – Click here or click the banner below:

Divi WordPress Theme


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