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Security in Ecommerce

Ecommerce has grown tremendously in recent years, with global sales predicted to hit $4.5 billion in 2021. The success has inspired malicious actors to try different ways of compromising the security of eCommerce websites using sophisticated tools. Ecommerce sites are...

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Steps to increase WooCommerce Sales

This is going to be a detailed guide for store owners of WooCommerce who are trying to understand; what next? Once you’ve built your WooCommerce store and started taking some orders - what next? You want more than the basic tutorials on how to start or build a...

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How to change wordpress theme without going live

There are times when you'd like to test a wordpress theme without going live. Maybe you're thinking about trying a new design or new look for your WordPress site or WooCommerce store. Or Maybe you're trying to figure out if a problem with your site is being used by...

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How do I remove checkout option from WooCommerce?

Disable WooCommerce checkout is a common requirement. Particularly for WooCommerce store builders who want to drive traffic to their Amazon product listings and not take payment on their own eCommerce store. You can remove the WooCommerce checkout option without using...

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Customizing WooCommerce Cart Page Without Code

Customizing WooCommerce Cart Page Without Code

Yes, there are plugins that have the ability to customize or edit the WooCommerce Cart page - in fact, they’ll customize the whole WooCommerce checkout flow. WooCommerce themselves have caught on to the fact that WooCommerce Store owners have a strong urge to edit the...

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Can I use WooCommerce Without a WordPress Site

If you're wondering if you can use WooCommerce without a WordPress site - the answer might surprise you... And actually, I'll add to the question "self hosted WordPress site" to clarify the question. You CAN create a WooCommerce store at WordPress.com and in essence...

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